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[C]Repercussion[/C], with any type of direct damage to other permanents or player in control of  [C]Palisade Giant[/C] creates a neverending loop of infinite damage redirection.

In this specific scenario, [C]Firestorm[/C] with 4 damage to 3 creatures and one player, all of which on the same side of the table as P-Giant.

True or flase?

Normally the giant will die once it has taken damage equal to greater then its toughness thus breaking the loop.  In the Firestorm scenario the Palisade Giant will take 16 damage which will trigger Repercussion and kill the Giant.  As the Giant is dead, Repercussion's trigger will cause 16 damage to be dealt to Palisade Giant's former controller.  It is possible to create a infinite loop this way if you make the Giant indestructible with Indestructibility or another effect.
I don't see a loop.

Firestorm resolves, and all of the damage (16) is redirected to Palisade Giant, this triggers Repercussion, but before that trigger is put on the stack State Based Actions send the Giant to the graveyard for having lethal damage.

Add something to make the giant Indestructible and you will have a loop that will draw the game.
MTG Rules Advisor

  1. Firestorm resolves: It deals 16 damage to Palisade Giant: 16 damage is marked on Palisade Giant and Repercussion's ability triggers.

  2. SBAs are performed: Palisade Giant is destroyed.

  3. Repercussion's ability is placed on the stack.

  4. Repercussion's ability resolves: Repercussion deals 16 damage to Palisade Giant's controller. (Last Known Information is used.)

Wow, thanks for the replies!

So let's pretend its 1995. Will it play out any different?

Damage will stay on the creature for at least the end of the phase. And the global effect of Repercussion is faster (?)

There would be a difference to 1995. We did not have multiple kids and a full grown beard back then Kiss
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