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This deck looks pretty good already, but I'd take out Knight of Infamy.  Odds are you'll be attacking en masse most of the time, which means exalted is next to useless.  And pro white is very situational.  Dreadbore feels like a better option to me, or you could try Brimstone Volley.  Triggering the morbid effect should be no problem with this deck.
-3 Flailer
+1 Hellkite
+1 Hellrider
+1 Guildgate

-4 Shred-Freak
+1 Aristocrat
+1 Knight
+2 Guildgate

-4 Cackler
-4 Ghoul

-4 Noble
+4 Gravecrawler

-2 Mountain
+2 Swamp

You list looks a little mana greedy, hench the Guildgates.  And with the addition of another Hellkite more land is needed (and 22 was too low any way).  Ghoul and Gravecrawler are superior 1 drops to Noble and Cackler.  Ghoul is a Cackler that can block after it's second turn if you have to, and Gravecrawler can crawll out of the Grave.

Messenger would be an ideal turn 3 play (and it further supports Gravecrawler).  And in that event (after making the changes I suggested) I'd be inclined to go:

-1 Hellrider
-1 Knight
-1 Hellkite
-1 Guildgate
+4 Messenger

Other wise:

-3 Flailer
-2 Shred-Freak
+4 Messenger
+1 Knight

Pro-White is pretty relevent, at least from what I've seen.
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Messenger would be an ideal turn 3 play (and it further supports Gravecrawler).

To the OP: Usually a distinction is made between B/R Zombies and Rakdos (B/R) Aggro. The package suggested by Anabuss of 4x Diregraf Ghoul, 4x Gravecrawler, 4x Geralf's Messenger probably puts this squarely in B/R Zombies territory. Whether this matters I guess depends on your preferences: Do you want to have the most competitive deck that uses the colors black and red or do you want to play a (non-zombie) Rakdos Aggro deck? They do play differently.

[And no, I'm not trying to suggest that B/R Zombies is better than Rakdos Aggro or vice versa.]
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