(Mostly) Mono-Black Vampires.

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Creatures: 27
Blood Artist X 4
Bloodline Keeper/ Lord of Lineage X2
Falkenrath Aristocrat X3
Shadow Alley Denizen(GTC) X4
Stromkirk Captain X3
Vampire Interloper X4
Vampire Nighthawk X4
Vampire Nocturnus X3 

Spells: 12
Mutilate X2
Sign in Blood X3
Tragic Slip X4
Victim of Night X3

Blood Crypt X4
Dragonskull Summit X4
Cavern of Souls X2
Swamp X11

This is my current decklist, as of last night when the set was fully revealed. I've playtested it using MWS, and it's been doing OKAY, but I would like any suggestions on how to make it better. All suggestions are welcome, and thanks in advance.
I've covered this deck extensively here:


Your same questions will apply there.
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