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Hello! I recently got into Magic (online) and besides drafting alot I threw together a standard deck to play around with. I'm currently on a medium budget, but I'm planning on adding the dual lands ( Steam Vents and Sulfur Falls). Any other suggestions?

The build so far:

Thinking of replacing the Plunges with Inspiration to go off more reliably. The Duallands will be added soon, too.
Any other suggestions? I'm a bit on a budget, so Past in Flames 3 and 4 will probably have to wait..

Oh and in case you don't know this deck yet (I saw it on stream once): the plan is to get some tokens out to Burn at the Stake for 21 with the help of Flashback and manaramp. 
Bump. Is 24 lands too much? Not enough? I feel that once it goes off you basically don't need land anymore but.. I don't know..
I think you are going to need more token producers. Even with all your dig, I imagine you spend a lot of time trying to find your peices. I would lose the 4 pillar of flames for either Thatcher Revolt or Goblin Rally. You really shouldn't have mana problems after you start going off. I would not include Inspiration, since its a dead draw if you are working off of Battle Hymn mana.

I've seen a few lists running 2 Increasing Vengeance, since you can flash it back for off of Past in flames, and still get the double copy on whatever you're aiming it at. great for getting insane amounts of mana from a hymn or lots of dudes.


Also, consider Dangerous Wager over Reforge the soul. You can flash it back easier, and it helps you pitch your hand to stack a Past in Flames without relying on lucky draws. 
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