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i don't think i read anywhere in the rulebook but just wantedvto make sure what you guys think. Was there a definite ruling that starting areas have to be on opposite ends?
Starting areas can be wherever you want, and the battlefield doesn't have to be symmetrical, so there might not even necessarily be 'opposite ends'.

There does not seem to be a strict ruling! But you must obey the following rules regarding tile placement:

Page 4 of rule book,

First, decide whether you will be fighting the battle in the dungeon or outdoors, then choose the appropriate side of your tiles. Next, each player builds one half of the battlefield by connecting all his or her tiles.

Page 5

When placing the small tile printed with your Start area, make sure it is as close as possible to where you’re sitting at the table.

So, if you are sat next to your opponent (same side of the table ... cosy!) or around the corner of a table, this is possible.

If you are playing with map being constructed at right-angles to the way you are sat (which happens a lot because of table sizes and space) you can easily do this.
Thanks for the quick response guys
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