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Orduun Veteran
Creature - Minotaur Soldier (U)
Battalion - When ~ and at least two other creatures attack, ~ gains double strike until the end of turn.
"My father was Gruul, but I chose the precision of the legion over the fury of the pack."
Ordruun Veteran


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Sissy-Ass Minotaur. The Fury of the Pack is where it is at.
Add this to the list of battalion cards that could have their ability all the time and still not be good enough for constructed.

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The ravinican Spiraling duelist, I like the design... but he could have a up twist for being molticolored and having doublestrike only on attack...
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One toughness?

He's a minotaur, he ought to be at least a 3/2 D:< 
One toughness?

He's a minotaur, he ought to be at least a 3/2 D:< 

Good point, it's a wimpy kinda Minotaur, still a decent attacker. Not in Constructed (Undying Doublestrike hound anyone?)
Way to small for a Minotaur defensewise.
Good card even if he is wimpy for a minotaur.
One toughness?

He's a minotaur, he ought to be at least a 3/2 D:< 

Assuming your opponent doesn't have a pinger or something, I'd say a 3/1 double striker is plenty.
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I'm glad that I'm not going Boros for the prerelease.

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Way to small for a Minotaur defensewise.

Ordruun minotaurs are topheavy on power.
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at least that keeps a game from stalling

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When I first saw this card, I assumed that there was an Ordruun card in the original Ravnica block that was Gruul, and it had a nice nod in the flavor text.

Then I read this thread and found out Ordruun Commando was Boros to begin with.

Now I'm just sad.
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