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Hey I'm new here and I'm playing 2 decks and this is one of them. I feel that this deck is okay but will always be's the deck list. Just to let you know it has stuff from gatecrash.

Lands x24 (revolves around u/b with a dash of red)
2 sulfur falls
2 steam vents
2 blood crypt
4 drowned catacombs
4 watery graves
2 mountain
3 islands
3 transguild promenades

Spells x21 (mostly counter and kill and draw)
2 cyclonic rifts
4 think twice
4 syncopate
3 cremate
2 bonfire of the damned
4 murder
2 izzet charm
2 chromatic lanterns

Creatures x10
2 snapcaster mages
2 niv-mizzet Dracogenious
2 nightveil specter
2 lazav dimir mastermind (might make into specters)

Plainswalkers x3
1 jace architect of thought
1 liliana of the viel
1 nicol bolas plainswalker

This deck is mostly incomplete due to gatecrash and expensive cards like bonfire. I don't know when this will become complete because I've never been to FNM. Probably will in the summer but I have few friends who play this.

The goal of this deck is to hopefully get out bolas or win with specter due to chromatic lantern. All feedback is appreciated
At first glance, I'm seeing two problems:

1.  Only 58 cards, although I think you may have forgotten to list some

2.  A lack of focus

I get the purpose: you're trying to keep the opponent in check until you get that kill card.  The problem is that you have so few kill cards that accomplish this.  Even the ones that you do have can likely be stopped by that point in the game.  Honestly, red might not be completely necessary in this deck.  Red is a poor choice when it comes to control decks.  If you're insistent on keeping it for Bolas, you can, but the rest isn't needed.
So add more kill spells and counters? I kinda agree with you on the red, so no bonfire? I would like to keep bolas but he can get removed easily that late in the game unless you get rid of certain cards in the game with him. I think i forgot a land and a spell... but yeah, i like what nightviel can do and basically you can play your opponets deck against them if you do it right and hopefully you have that chromatic lantern out. But still all feed back appriciated and what would do add or change?
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