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Hi there, I wonder which Dragon (and maybe even Dungeon) issues have new playable race options for 4E D&D in them.

I recall hearing something about Gnolls made playable in one issue of Dragon.

Could anyone please list the issue numbers, because I'd like to buy those issues in preperation of a new homebrew campaign I'm creating and I'd like to go through all "official" options first.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I only found the following myself, if these are all, please tell.

Hengeyokai in Dragon 404
Kenku in Dragon 411
Revenant in Dragon 376 (but this one is also in the Shadowthingy book) 
In signing up for your DDI account, you are also going to get access to the Online Compendium. It grants quick access to all 4E rules content.

Look up the races, and other material, that you're looking to snag. You will find a link to the source at the bottom of the Compendium entry.

What happened to my post count? It seems the more I post, the more it drops. Is that how it's supposed to work?

You can actually find the source for a given race by searching the Compendium even without a DDI sub - unless they're published in multiple sources.

It's worth noting, of course, that a lot of the older ones ARE in multiple sources, because they were updated in Dragon to give them a choice of secondary ability score bump.
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Nice. I primarily use the Compendium on my phone, so I hadn't realized that. The mobile version has some limits, functionality wise, but they've never been a problem, for me.

What happened to my post count? It seems the more I post, the more it drops. Is that how it's supposed to work?


Ah, thank you  
I think gnolls and the....asian animal people are the only DDI races to not be printed on paper isn't it?

Well now there are Kenku, Hobgoblins and Shadar-Kai which only appear in MM or the Dragon Magazine + Gnolls and Hengeyokai.

Their stats are different than in the MM... 
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