[GTC-ICD] Grisly Spectacle

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Grisly Spectacle

Grisly Spectacle
Instant (Common)
Destroy target nonartifact creature. Its controller puts a number of cards equal to that creature's power from the top of his or her library into his or her graveyard.
"Watch people flock to a murder scene. Then tell me we're not all a little sick in the head." - Juri, proprietor of the Juri Revue

Nothing bear-able.
I think I'll have this used on an evolved creature and milled to death because of it's size at least once. I suspect it will happen quite a bit more to Gruul players who blood rushed too much.
That flavor text made me think a bit. Meaningful eh?


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Pretty good.
Probably the best common removal in the set.
Probably the best common removal in the set.

No, that would be angelic edict.

It's surprising but black removal isn't very good in the set. And all of it is conditional. 

Though it's an auto include if you're in black.  
That blood is really... orange.
Who else immediately thought of this?
Solid removal.  Wanted Doom Blade or at least terror.
I like the flavor text.
holy crap its instant. I would love to use that on bloodrushed creatures.
I play for fun
holy crap its instant. I would love to use that on bloodrushed creatures.

I'm a green player. I'm going to learn to hate that card in limited.
Who else immediately thought of this?

Close... my mind went to this.    RIP Leslie Nielsen


Our vulnerability is all our insensitivity, and it's gonna be the death of us just you wait and see.

Double the cost of Go for the Throat to add on a variable mill effect and make it common.  Great card for killing limited bombs, though.
Being removal, it's automatically playable in limited. In Constructed, I can see it mainly being in Bloodchief Ascension decks and the like (and only after Hideous End). In EDH, The Mimeoplasm.
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Clever deduction Watson! Maybe you can explain why Supergirl is trying to kill me.
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One thing about this card is the art, and the thing about the art, is that the "blood" is Tarantino Orange. That is, it's not blood, and the painter or the color corrector, or Jarvis, or whomever, decided that a bright orange was an excellent color over the normal deep red to brown that blood is when it's been oxidized and left to dry a bit. Point is, it's dark ... and this is practically neon.
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1st pickable removal for limited great card.

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