[GTC-ICD] Shadow Alley Denizen

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Shadow Alley Denizen

Shadow Alley Denizen
Creature - Vampire Rogue (Common)
Whenever another black creature enters the battlefield under your control, target creature gains intimidate until end of turn.
(It can't be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or creatures that share a color with it.)

Decent onedrop for vapire tribal imho. Depending on your meta if she's better than Pulse Tracker though.
It's a Rogue! Which means it can block the other near-unblockable Rogue. XD

It's a great one-drop for Limited, especially since it's so easy to trigger the ability with the abundance of multicolored cards in the format.


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That...might actually be playable in the right deck.

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Pretty good.
Very solid one drop.
Finally a 1 drop for my vampires / human deck!

I just find it kind of funny that there's not ONE human one drop in black or red the two past sets.
Ï know commons can't be as powerful as rares or uncommons, on average, but damn...

Where's the black one drop that's even remotely threatening?
I get it.

The irony is that a 1/1 vampire causes intimidation, when two little girls can take her out.

Gorgeous.  She gets to play with Sorin 2.0 for a while as well
This will help activate prowl costs in my rogue deck. Nice.

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38 Relentless Rats

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Well it's not quite the one drop black vampire I wanted, BUT it IS a one drop black vampire so I will likely be playing this one!
black creature fall (makes cciphor creature unblock)



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