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Dying Wish

Dying Wish
Enchantment - Aura (Uncommon)
Enchant creature you control
When enchanted creature dies, target player loses X life and you gain X life, where X is its power.
"I wish I could rewrite my every deed and kill you with my first breath instead of my last."

Yeah why not.
Seems pretty awful to me.

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could be fun with the right sac outlet, and a desecration demon that they've been pumping up :p

Or... instead of desecration demon...  try the Wight of Precinct Six (community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/758...), with a mill deck...
I like the flavour text.  It would be cool on your own Thragtusk, but not cool enough to see play.


This is actually PERFECT for my black sack deck...


It's going to be standard viable :D 
Other option I thought of...  Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, sac Gravecrawler to him a few times, then sac him to himself after attacking and getting another counter and putting put Dying Wish on :p
This would be fun in Limited. XD


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Could be pretty good.
going straight to my bruna/invisible stalker enchantment reanimator deck.
It could be fun.
Why the "you control" restriction?
Other option I thought of...  Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, sac Gravecrawler to him a few times, then sac him to himself after attacking and getting another counter and putting put Dying Wish on :p

Can't sac Grimgrin to himself, sadly...he's got the "Sacrifice another creature" cost.
It first I expected a tutor so I could grab my thrull champion


Sivitri Scarzam rose to challenge the Craw Wurm but was slain by Durkwood Boars.

Liliana emergent

Why the "you control" restriction?

Stating the obvious I'm guessing, but in case this wasn't rhetorical, it's because they don't want you putting it on your opponent's creature and then removing it. I'm not sure why they were worried about that though, it wouldn't be broken or anything. I suppose it could maybe see play as a sideboard card against linear ramp/reanimator decks, since then you'd be getting a 12+ life swing for 2-mana. Still, wouldn't be broken and it depends on your opponent playing a large creature that you have removal for, guessing they just thought that was a "feel-bad" interaction.

As a card, it's almost strictly worse than the 2B sorcery from AVR that does the same thing (essence harvest), but doesn't require the creature's death. I guess it spreads the mana investment out over a turn if you want to combine it with pump spells. Essence harvest was always borderline playable in draft IMO if you had a nice homicidal seclusion deck, I suspect this will be similar. There will be some borderline cases where your deck has enough ways to enable 10+ life-swings and where the life-gain is relevant against your opponent.
this would be much better if you can flash it as an instant...
Why the "you control" restriction?

I think the intention was to make positive Auras more viable. Currently, if you buff a creature up with Auras like Deviant Glee or Ethereal Armor, they can just remove the creature and you'll have wasted your auras. With this, you can buff a creature's power as much as you want: if they leave it they're in trouble, but if they remove it they're still in trouble.
Is this by chance a parallel with Murder Investigation? Also interesting to note Agoraphobia, Madcap Skills, and Alpha Authority are also 2 drop Auras that seem highly playable. Get all five onto one creature and your opponents had better start praying. Wish and Investigation also work wonders with Forced Adaptation.

I can't wait to play this with desecration demon and disciple of bolas lol, swing for 6 with desecration demon, attach this, sac with disciple of bolas draw 6 cards gain 12 life and hit them for 6 life its like a cheaper essence harvest...
Soulshriek with this card.

Nice combo with Jarad.

might have a new friend in EDH at least. This with Brion Stoutarm and Gisela, Blade of Goldnight?
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