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Zarichi Tiger

Zarichi Tiger
Creature - Cat (Common)
, : You gain 2 life.
"The taming and consecration of these creatures is evidence of our faith." - Resimir, Zarichi Temple priest

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A bit too expensive to be really good.  Give that same body and ability for 2 or 3 and I'd be interested.

Still, repeatable life gain is a great way to get back on your feet if your a "ramp up to a fatty" type of deck, or control.

Not bad.   
Meh, not that great.

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More meh than meow on this one.


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I agree with meh

Some orshov sealed decks won't have a choice but to run one of those.
Another kick in the furry balls to the 'Cat' tribe.

"We wlll kill them all."

This guy is actually really good. Orzhov is a slower guild that likes control, so lifegain will help it out. I hope I can get two of these at the prerelease.
solid limitted

would be good at 4 toughness

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No Money NO Ticket NO card Covers

BILUIC. Has some uses in Orzhov limited, but not many.
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