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Since it is now retired, I am sharing the deck I (kinda) used since I started. I made 2 40-card decks in 2008 from Eventide (4 Lieges, 4 Mimics, 4 Hatchlings, 8 1-Drops {two different cards}, and 4 2/3-drops {Unmake and Double Cleave}), saw more cards from the same set and Ravnica Block and finally combined them into a single 'boss' deck. Since I combined them, the deck works SO freaking well that it is the best deck I made so far.

Here is the deck:

After looking at the Reckoner, it seems like Spitemare has been replaced. Before Gatecrash, I believed that this was the best hybrid pro-white trash deck. It seems like I have to bring back this deck with Boros Reckoner replacing Spitemare.