[GTC-ICD] Prophetic Prism

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Prophetic Prism
Artifact (Common)
When ~ enters the battlefield, draw a card.
, : Add 1 mana of any color to your mana pool

Easily my favorite reprint of the set. It accelerates draws to give slow decks better consistency, and fixes mana for spells that have high weighted mana costs.
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a welcome reprint
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They keep reprinting this, but yet I will always prefer Prismatic Lens. Sigh.
It's only been printed twice before, in RotE and Commander.

Never liked the old art but loved the card. I think I'll trade my old ones away and get 4 of these.
Ooh, pretty artwork. This looks like a nice followup to Chromatic Lantern.

Always liked this in Limited. Glad to see its back.
I'm glad to see its front. :v

i like both artworks, but this is much prettier. definitely glad to see this return.
Nice reprint.
Good reprint.


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Awesome reprint.
Yay. Fun Fact: using Semblance Anvil, this is a free cantrip.
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I wish more rocks (even just mana-fixing ones like this) were cantrips.
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solid 2 drop

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This is a decent reprint at least.

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Colorless fixing is always in demand...as is card drawing.

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