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Im going to be playing a pretty unique Tiefling. He gets to start his life as a human who knows he is going to turn in to a Tiefling.

He will start the campaign as a Tiefling, but I could use some ideas on how to roleplay him, his transformation, and his unique perspective. (Class is Swordmage.)
best way to start is why he was transformed in the first place? was it a destiny thing? the PH says that all children with Teifling parrents are Teiflings, but perhaps he was born human and changed later? or was he transformed by an evil mage/sage/BBEG? if he new it was comming, did he perhaps have a terminal illness and it was the only way to save his life?

Once you figure that part out, then you need to consider how your character feels about it: did he hate being a human, was he mistreated because he wasn't born a teilfling? or was he resistant? even hateful? or was he resigned to his fate?

Next you can figure out how those feelings would color his actions. is he caustic towards humans (jelous) or other teiflings (grudge)? is there anyone who knew him as a human who is still his freind? how do they feel about it, and what advice do they give him? how does he take his friend's advice?

You've got a really cool idea here, and i'd like to hear a full backstory if you would be so kind      
Hooooly Geeze I have a reply. Sorry for the delay in responding, I've been away.

The story is that a great ancestor was a Mage of Bael Turath (hah! Knew that without consulting the PHB.) and when the empire began to make pacts with demons this ancestor used a ritual to protect his bloodline from the physical maladies of the new race. Some say his bloodline retained its human appearence because it was the first bloodline.

Many generations later the family has risen to noble status in a new home with a new identity. One day the eldest son is slain by an assasin, and his younger brother flees with a cult. Here he is tempted by a succubus, who poses as a common girl and later his wife. This coupling damages the ancient bond protecting his family, long forgotten. He eventually returns home, bringing his twin sons with him. As the sons age one begins to have troubling dreams and visions. One night he is found laying in the fire, unscathed. The father and Grandfather take concern and begin to dig deep into the family lore. They find the spell, and soon discover that it has been sundered. They hire a powerful wizard, who is able to temporarily seal the blood, giving him 40 years before the transformation takes hold. (And conveiniently halting his aging so that this char and my pathfinder version can be the same age and have similar backstories. ^_^)

He was ok with being a human, although he wasn't fond of having to lie about his identity later in life. "Oh! I'm not Alastor, I am Growley, Alastors much younger cousin." And by the time he transformed he was his own son.

He is.... adapting to being a Tiefling. He is very fond of his tail and retaining his human palor. He has blue hair which he is impartial to, and the horns he still has a complex about. The Tail is Scaled though, which creates a weird itch where it meets flesh, but it is getting better with time. His enhanced senses are a source of enjoyment, but he finds his wrath more difficult to control.

He spent much of the extended portion of his life trying to hunt down his mother, but to no avail. He is well schooled in the art of Swordplay and magic.

Now that he is a Tiefling, he has aspirations to rebuild the lost empire, having suffered firsthand now at the hands of Humans and other races he desires that he and his bretheren have their own lands again. (He has been run out of more then a few towns for what he is.)

Don't worry, i don't get on often either.

so is he transforming slowly, or did it occur in a sudden blast of flame? Did he meet the party before or after the transformation? as a swordmage, he's pretty smart, but his rage could override that intellegence if someone makes him angry enough (which would be somewhat easy because he's not used to the infernal rage that comes with his bloodline). is he outright evil, or is he just vengeful? he wants to restore bael turath, or just his family's nobility? is his family living on the land their ancestors owned, or does he have to go find it still? does the lord/king who owns it now know about him/his family? how is he planning on reclaiming his family's land/nobility/holdings? is he going to create a cash empire and buy it, or is he looking into more violent methods, or what? how far is he willing to go? does the party know about this? are there any dragonborn/decendants of arkosia in the party/who know about him?

I know i throw thirtythousand questions at once, but they're mostly rhetorical, just to make you think. everyone role plays differenty, so the best way to help someone is to help them develope their character concept, either by fleshing him/her out, or by making the ideas concrete. 
No worries. (And I am defenitely going to be playing a Hellblade)

His transformation was a week of agony, and it happened before the party meets. He's vengeful, not outright evil, he wont go out of his way to hurt someone, and in some cases he'd be willing to help. He wants to found a new Bael Turath, and he isnt so deeply interested in his families past as he is his future. As far as building it goes, he hopes to find good, mostly uninhabitted land to conquer. He is willing to go pretty far, war some bribery, etc. Nothing demonic, he sees the failing of Bael Turath being the deals they made with Asmodeus.

The party will know that he seeks to build a new Tiefling homeland. As to who will be in the party it is currently unknown.

More rhetorical questions: Does he hate dragon-borns as much as he is "supposed" to? Does he ever use illusions to impersonate humanity? How has his relationship with his son changed?
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