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Do Platinum Dragons exist as a race in 4.0? I have none of the material and therefore have no way to verify. 
Not as a playable race no. You can always reflavor your race as a platinum dragonborn if you wish though Wink

For monsters, there is the Aspect of Bahamut and Bahamut that are platinum dragons.

Also a magic item, the Seal of Lawbringer give the ability for a character to transform temporarily into a platinum dragon.
Thanks thats what I though
Last I knew, there's always been only one Platinum Dragon, and his name is Bahamut.

(Unless you really want to change that in your game, of course.)
Don't forget the little old man with seven canarys.
The sea looks at the stabillity of the mountian and sighs. The mountian watches the freedom of the sea and cries.
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