Elemental Escalation (fire) Elementalist questions

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The wording on the ability is very confusing.  I need some clarification as to exactly how it works. 

1.  Is the damage automatic?  Or do you have to roll against another target to hit them (two seperate rolls)? 
2.  Do the targets take the damage from the attack power AND the extra 1d10?   
3.  Can you target the same enemy with the attack?  So you can use a single target spell twice on the same target?

Sorry if this is confusing.  I'm kind of stumped by this one.  Thanks for the help!   

1) A target must be hit by the attack in order to take the 1d10 extra damage.

2) Yes.

3) No. The additional target target must be a different creature than the one(s) already targeted by the triggering attack.
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