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Target opponent chooses one, and then you activate it - Put 1 4/4 Green Beast token on the battlefield; or target opponent searches your deck for 2 lands and puts them on the battlefield under your control tapped.
"You feed nature, or nature feeds on you."

Target opponent chooses one, and then you activate it - Counter target spell; or target player draws 2 cards.
"Tell me what you know, or I will make sure you don't know anything."

Target opponent chooses one, and then you activate it - Look at target player's hand, and discard 1 nonland card; or target player discards 2 cards. 

Target opponent chooses one, and then you activate it - Put two 1/1 white Spirit Tokens with flying onto the battlefield; or put one 2/2 white Gryphon token with flying onto the battlefield

Target opponent chooses one, and then you activate it - Cast the top card of your deck without paying its mana cost; or exile the top two cards of your deck, and cast any instants exiled in this way without paying their mana cost.
I like the idea behind these, I think the green one is the best though. It has two abilities that are green but are unalike. The blue one also does this very well. The black's both involves discard, maybe decide on another black trait, same goes for the white and red. let us know what you decide
You are Red/Blue!
You are Red/Blue!
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You are both rational and emotional. You value creation and discovery, and feel strongly about what I create. At best, you're innovative and intuitive. At worst, you're scattered and unpredictable.
All but the Green and Blue Ones are a little underpowered.

Black should be either a Zombify or a Mind Rot.

Mafia Game Slots:

1. Open

2. Hundred Acres (Dead Town)

3. Open

4. Open

5. Open

6. Open

or Victimize

red needs to look at 3 or more cards for instances and safegaurds should be in place to prevent high mana toll instances

why t"official" #DOD report suffers from "terrorist" syndrome ?

>Choosing to retire a former foundation of our community was not an easy decision,

the participants built this community have the rights to the content

wanton erasher is an unessary infringement on the freedom of speach

Shovel And Bone – Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival on tour

The green work doesn't work the way you want it to.  You can always fail to find when searching your library.
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You Make the Card
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I agree with Mono. In order to gaurentee that your opponent fetches you two lands, you have to reveal your library so that all players can see that there are two lands to fetch.

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Khans of Tarkir Clan Quiz
After three iterations of taking the quiz, it says each time that I'm Temur, the clan. Which is funny because the dual-color tests still yield the same two results as before.

That "Dual Colors" personality test thing

I am Black/Green

Take The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta today!

Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

I am both selfish and instinctive. I value growth and community, as long as they favour my own objectives; I enjoy nature, and I particularly enjoy watching parts of nature die. At best, I am resilient and tenacious; at worst, I'm uncontrollable and destructive.

Oh, but wait, there were multiple answers that fit my thoughts to some questions. What colors did they say I was?


I am Blue/Green

I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.

What you mean with "and then you activate it"?
Do 1 unless an opponent has you do 2.
Browbeat etc.

Modal spells are chosen before costs are paid, so you can just go back on casting them if you didn't like what your opponent offered you.

Yxoque wrote:
This forum can't even ****ing self-destruct properly.


Okay I'm going to fix these up a bit.

It seems my wording got me into trouble, and I screwed up looking back at it. I was trying to go for "you can either give me 1 good thing; or you can give me 2 not-quite-as-good things." Which is a bit awkward, though I like the black one. Instead, I am going to try for "you can either give me what I want (give me a good thing), or i'll hurt you." Note: putting out a creature apparently = hurting you. Except for some reason in the case of black. Or maybe black just feels like hurting you either way. IDK.

Anyway, here's the new versions:

Put 1 4/4 Wurm token on the battlefield unless an opponent chooses to have you search your deck for one land card and put it on the battlefield tapped instead.
"You will feed nature, or nature will feed on you."

Counter target spell unless an opponent chooses to have you draw 2 cards instead.
"Tell me what you know, or I'll make sure you don't know it."

You look at your opponents hand and exile 1 card in it unless an opponent chooses for you to put one creature from any graveyard onto the battlefield instead.

You put 2 1/1 white Spirit tokens with flying onto the battlefield unless an opponent chooses for your life to become 20 instead.

You deal 5 damage to target creature or player unless an opponent chooses for you to play the top card of your library without paying its mana cost instead.

I especially like the red one, I think it'll make for some nice multiplayer politics. They all will, potentially. You can get one person to help you, and get off many useful effects.
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