I have another new deck idea that I wish to fling past your faces, in the hope that you may have some bright ideas for improvements. Meet my self-discard deck:Creatures:4 Basking Rootwalla 4 Putrid Imp

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G/B/U Self-Discard

I have another new deck idea that I wish to fling past your faces, in the hope that you may have some bright ideas for improvements. Meet my self-discard deck:

Basking Rootwalla
4 Putrid Imp
4 Gorgon Recluse
4 Volrath's Shapeshifter
4 Psychatog
3 Gurzigost
2 Arcanis the Omnipotent
3 Damia, Sage of Stone

4 Tortured Existence
4 Rites of Refusal
3 Victimize

4 Gemstone Mine
4 Golgari Rot Farm
4 Darkslick Shores
4 Darkwater Catacombs
4 Simic Growth Chamber
1 Jwar Isle Refuge

I have a general maximum budget of about £2 per card. Let me know your thoughts, guys!
Seems pretty good, though if I may suggest one card you may like; Pack Rat.

I had one on the field once in a sealed game, and it having 6 6/6 rats on the field certainly made a difference.
It's a sin not to play Wild Mongrel in any madness deck that features green . I would recommend Circular Logic instead of the Rites of Refusal as well, since you'll want your discard outlets to be free instead of costing you mana - that kind of negates the whole point of madness, and by an of itself most current discard outlets aren't good enough for that. Gathan Raiders is a good discard enabler if you're slightly slower. But Gurzigost? That's a curve topper, fine for what he does (end the game in a couple of swings), but he'll occupy your mana those turn so your 6 and 7 drops (for which you do'nt have the lands anyway) won't ever hit the field. You can probably find better cards to discard, and to keep the Gurz alive (most of your madness won't go to the yard afterwards, so you might have troubles enabling the big yard).

Dark Withering and Big Game Hunter are big reasons to go to black in madness, I'd consider them.

Your lands look like a mess, since on top of the eight karoo's you're also running other lands that can't give mana by themselves (the catacombs). That's a recipy for doing nothing in the first three turns, while your curve will want to do exactly that. I'd run at least a couple of painlands or just plain basics in here, things that don't come into play tapped preferably. I'd also up the count to 24 with your current curve.

There's lots more to be said of course, but hopefully there's some in this that you'll find useful
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Terti's right, you have too many taplands.  I'd just run more basics instead of some of the taplands and then run Drowned Catacomb instead of the Darkslicks, or the Catacombs you have.  I'd cut the Ravnica bouncelands to 2 of each as well, 4 is plenty, especially if you're just using htem to get new counters on your Gemstone Mines.  If you're feeling adventurous you could also run 2 Vivid Creek or something to help fix colors.

 You definitely should be running Wild Mongrel and probably an Arrogant Wurm or 2.

Other than the mana though it looks fun  
Cregnacht, the deck's quite mana-intensive, so a three mana discard effect is probably a bit much, I think. In a sealed game, I can see Rat Pack being a useful addition to most black decks, but in constructed I think it really belongs in a rat deck.

Terti, I looked at Wild Mongrel, but went for Psychatog in the end, because it lets me regulate what card's on top of my graveyard for Volrath's Shapeshifter. The Mongrel's still a consideration, but I'm not sure what I'd take out. I tried Circular Logic, but found that I just never had enough cards in the graveyard for it to be useable. Although this is a self-discard deck, a lot of the graveyard tends to end up getting exiled for one reason or another, and with Arcanis and Damia keeping my hand full, Rites of Refusal tends to work better. Gurz, and the other two big-mana creatures are usually cheated into play via Volrath's Shapeshifter of Victimize, rather than cast from the hand, so mana getting locked up in Gurz isn't really an issue. Dark Withering and Big Game Hunter are probably going to find places in the sideboard. I take your points about the manabase - it does appear to be a weakness. I'll take another look.

El Pared, Arrogant Wurm was also in the shortlist, along with Wild Mongrel. I would like to include it, but it's a matter of finding room for it... 
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