Last Night's Session

Yesterday one of my players was sick so I started the new campaign with only two: a Fighter (Heavy armor, slayer, reaper) and a Cleric of Ra (Lightbringer). The Fighter/Healer combo worked out very well overall. Most weak enemies have no chance of hitting the Lightbringer because of its reaction ability to cast Lance of Faith, so it didn't matter that he had no armor. The Fighter's Parry was essential in keeping her alive. Damage with the maul and martial damage die reached insane levels of course.

I had them fight off pirates attacking their town and then track them down and recover a noble's signet ring. Most of these were human commoners, since they are two level 1 characters. I still nearly killed the Fighter a few times as I got 3 or 4 criticals on her alone during the session.

Players noted a just a few things:

  • Skill dice: while the rolling mechanic is growing on them, they still decry the lack of customization. They want to be able to increase their skills as they choose instead of all at once and they want a way to train in new skills as well.

  • We still believe the critical should have a roll to confirm, as it is just too powerful to occur 1 in 20 times. It is especially game-breaking at low levels.

  • More spells need a ritual version. Detect Magic should have a ritual, I was surprised such a basic utility didn't and actually had to be prepared. It used to be a cantrip, after all.

  • The Cleric found he did not have Heal as a trained skill even though he had the Priest background and Mystic Healer specialty. I feel that either the Priest background or the Healing Initiate feat should grant the Heal skill, if not the Cleric class itself. I like how skills are disconnected from class, but it would be okay to give one skill based on your class, like every Rogue gets Sneak, every Cleric gets Heal, every Wizard gets Knowledge (Arcana), or something.

I find the fighter cleric combo to be a strong one for a two player party. 

Your thoughts about the heal skill are interesting.  I can certainly think of some cleric concepts that wouldn't want healing, but I can see that most clerics would want it.

For my games, when I am running one or two pcs only, I tend to give them an extra skill or two to help make sure all the bases are covered.  But really since all the "skill" adds is the skill die, training is a lot less important than it used to be.
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