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Most of this expansion is made up of Set 3 units with small share of units coming from other sets. I tried to either:
A. Offer a new class or subclass using an old model
B. Give a direct sister-ship with a uniquely new SA combo (escpacially SAs missing from that nation)
C. Offer a pre-existing unit class/type to a another nation.
D. Patch an older unit that escaped my first three sets of revised cards
The cards are all finished now. On a few of the Battleships I had to cut some of the common SAs down to just the name. I tried to avoid this where possible.
1. Aconit (DD) 1941 HMCS Sackville sister

2. Bison (DD) Milan as Guepard Class. The only one of her class that really had a war record beyond getting scuttled at Toulon, and it was an evacuation effort. 6 ship class.

3. Colbert (CA) Suffren sister. Slightly cheaper due to her less useful SA, but at least her speed would give her a chance to use it.

4. Apostolis (DD) 1943 HMCS Sackville. Greece operated 4 of these.

5. HMS Duke of York (BB) HMS PoW/KVG sister. For her distinction of damaging Scharnhorst in such a way that it crippled her speed long enough to allow UK destroyers to close in on the German battleship and finish her off with torpedoes, HMS Duke of York gets Crippling Salvo. Her cost, of course, reflects that upgrade, but I believe Jammed Mount helps to balance that out. So far, this is the only card I had to put just special ability titles without any text behind them.

6 HMS Edinburgh (CL) HMS Belfast sister. This ship was carrying 500 tons of Russian gold being paid the UK for Lendlease equipment when she was relentless attacked by the Kreigsmarine. One torpedo hit her amid ships, then the second hit her in the same place, but the opposite side of the ship. Whith only the decking and upper structures holding the ship together she was scuttled to prevent the capture of her gold shipment (which was later salvaged by the UK).

7. HMS Kelly (DD) HMS Javelin as K class. A flotilla leader, the HMS Kelly took quite a bit of damage during the war and her crew was determined to keep her alfloat. Finally, though, she was bombed and sunk during the evacuation of crete by the Blitzkrieg. "We did not leave the Kelly, the Kelly left us."

8. HMS Orion (CL) HMNZS Leander sister. Flagship of Fleet Admiral John Tovey. Her SAs come from her actions during the evacuation of Crete, where she evacuated 1,900 troops and was nearly destroyed via bombs. Damage control allowed her to limp to Alexandria with her main mast wedged inside her funnel.

9. HMS Renown (BB) HMS Repulse sister. Lead ship of her class, she acted as a flagship on many occasions threwout the war. She engaged Gneisenau and Scharnhorst in April 1940 and caught them in an Opening Salvo, the German battleships were forced to flee after a short confrontation. In 1941 HMS Renown recieved a refit where she received many different new radar systems, one of them was an Early Warning Radar for aircraft.

10. HMS Thrasher (SS) HMS Truculent sister. This unit is meant to fill the need for an early war UK submarine.

11. HMS Troubridge (DD) HMS Sumerez as T class. I noticed she downed quite a few aircraft in her war record and figured this would be a good unit for AA specialist. She also screened a few capital ships during the war and ended up with Establish Screen. Both SAs are new to the UK.

12. HMS Vetch (DD) HMCS Sackville sister. Really for looks.


13. Voroshilov (CA) Kirov sister. Stuka's tried on several occasions to sink her, and she took some hits, but never fell to them. The UK lendleased her a radar fire control system.

14. Murmansk (CL) USS Richmond lendlease sister. Omaha class cruiser, USS Milwaukee, lend-leased to Russia late in the war, her remaining career mostly involved escorting convoys to her namesake, Murmansk.

15. Parizhskaya Kommuna (BB) Heavily refitted Oct. Rev. sister. PK was refitted with some lackluster torpedo bulges which not only slowed her down even more, but also required the removal of her torpedo tubes. The UK lendleased her an early warning AA radar system. I upped her main guns by 1 die and removed the 'masked guns' SA.

16. Petropavlosk - Her name changed threwout the war, so you might know her as Tallinn. This was the Hipper Class cruiser once known as Lutzow, she was sold to Russia for twice her cost and in an incomplete state (my guess is the Russians wanted access to German technology and shipbuilding practices). When Germany invaded Russia the ship was still incomplete but was forced into service anyways (armed with only two main turrets and her smaller AA guns), fighting off the Blitzkreig and shelling German troops when possible. She's not much to look at but she's real cheap to help make up for it and still has extended range.

17. Surovyi (DD) Gromkyie as Soobrazitelny Class. Same hull as the Gnevnyi class, but this predecessor had different machinery. This one attacked a German convoy in 1941.

18. Torpedo Cutter (MTB) Lendlease PT Boat.


19. FM-2 Wildcat (AC) Martlet mk II / F4F Wildcat variant. The late war incarnation of the Wildcat found it as a fighter-bomber operating off of escort carriers. I've found accounts that they participated in ASW patrols, but I'll admit it's still sketchy to me that they were dropping depth charges. So I gave it a new SA that lets it drop a two dice ASW attack once per game. It is slightly better than the Hamp for the same cost, but this unit is competing with the Corsair fighter-bomber within it's own ranks.

20. USS Guam (CB-2) Both she and her sister had limited war careers due to their late commissioning. Guam didn't even leave the states until January of 1945. I figure those two large seaplanes on her would be good for spotting ships, so she got the Scout Cruiser SA. In the future we might see a speculative completed USS Hawaii with the Scout Planes SA.

21. USS Heerman (DD) USS Kidd sister. It's a powerful SA IMO, and who better to get it than one of the hero ships from the Battle Off Samar.

22 USS Juneau (CL) USS San Diego sister. I wanted to do a different aspect of the Atlanta Class with Juneau. She got her depth charge racks that can't be depended on too heavily, and the Rapid Fire ability to represent her many 5inch guns in her main armament. The Sullivan Brothers SA was a last minute addition and I would like to note that those victory points can be claimed by either side.

23. USS Milwaukee (CL) USS Richmond sister. Basically the flip side to the Murmansk card since it's the same ship.

24. USS Pennsylvania (BB) USS Arizona sister

25. USS Saucy (DD) 1942 HMCS Sackville.

26. USS Selfridge (DD) USS Phelps sister. I chose this ship because I saw alot of escort duties in it's history. I'm tired of waiting for the USN and Japan to get close escorts, so I took this oppertunity to make some. I made this card in comparison to HMAS Arunta.

27. USS Ticonderoga (CV) USS Intrepid as Ticonderoga Class. For a while now I've felt there was a need for a Bomber version of Sneak Attack. So I came up with Relentless Assault, and my future Hiryu card will have the same ability. One of Ticonderoga's first war actions was to relentlessly bomb Japanese shipping and shore installations, while her fighters tore apart enemy aircraft (most in the air and a few on the ground). I felt the SA's warranted a higher cost.


28. Amagi (CV) Soryu as Unryu Class. Information on the Unryu Class carriers is sketchy at best. There used to be some decent articles on wiki, but someone rewrote them and I can't say I'm impressed. I did manage to find some of the original accounts I read about, and according to those, Amagi did embark aircraft and even engaged in Torpedo training excercises. Not only that, she acted as a Flagship to an admiral, but beyond that, she did little else. I gave the class a little more AA than the Soryu, but late war entry date and general lack of SA's pulled her cost down, further than Taiho due to her vulnerability to damage. This class did not look identical to Soryu or Hiryu, but it's close enough IMO to Soryu to make a decent proxy which also makes use to those extra Soryu's you might have laying about. 

29. A6M3 "Hamp" (AC) Zeke/Zero as Fighter-Bomber. This is really the later improved version. It's a new bomber option for the Japanese who haven't have a carrier based Dive Bomber since Set 2. It wont answer all the new player's problems, but it should help.

30. B6N1 "Jill" (AC) Torp/Dive Bomber. This is the 1943 variant that saw limited service as both dive bomber and torpedo bomber from select carriers. Like the Hamp, it's meant to help fill in Dive Bombers for Japan.

31. Kinugasa (CA) Aoba sister. Flagship of a rear admiral, Kinugasa escorted the severly damaged Shokaku from the Battle of Coral Sea. She straddled Boise and Salt Lake City with gunfire during the Battle of Cape Esperance.

32. Kitakami (CL) Oi sister. I was tempted to do her as a troop transport, but I really wanted to do another aspect of the "Torpedo Cruiser", which meant giving her the Torpedo Swarm ability. I felt that the value of this SA was as great as the Torpedo Run SA on Oi.

33. Mutsu (BB) Nagato sister. I couldn't find much to give Mutsu, she did things during the war, but none of it was very notable IMO. RB wanted to give her a troop landing ability, but that was based on Pre-War exploits. Instead I did notice something interesting that went hand-in-hand with RB's idea. Mutsu was supposed to resupply a Japanese island garrison, she was loaded up with supplies for the mission, but it was cancelled at the last minute. Some say WAS is a game of "What If"s, here's one more to add to the pile.

34. Shiratsuyu (DD) Lead ship of her class and sister to Shigure, I noticed she spent much of her war career on escort duty. That made giving Japan a Close Escort ship a bit easier. I left her at twelve points, though, to balance it.

35. Type 13 Subchaser (DD) Patched with Guard the Convoy


36. Ju-88C (AC) Fighter-Bomber variant. This unit generally represents the Ju-88C variants, which included nightfighters and Fighter-Bombers. 

37. PA-1 (DD) 1943 HMCS Sackville. Germany captured these from France while still incomplete. Work was continued until three saw service in German hands.

38. Schlesien (CA) Schleswig-Holstien sister as reclassified 1944 heavy cruiser. Given a decent AA refit and left to guard ports, Schlesien's last action as a ship was an attempt to evacuate wounded soldiers in 1945 when she struck a mine and sank. But she sank in shallow water and was later used a shore battery, providing gun support for retreating German troops. I will probably make a card for that latter version in a future set.

39. Seydlitz (CA) Prinz Eugan as speculatively completed 1943 sistership w/ radar SA's

40. T-22 (DD) T-27 sister. This is meant as an alternative form of the Elbing Class. Originally she was going to have Torpedo Run like the Ciclone, but I realized that was a bit redundant, especially after making USS Heermann. So she lost her original SA's and 1 range 1 torpedo to get Torpedo Swarm.

41. U-100 (SS) U-47 sister


42. Ciclone (DD) Pegaso as Ciclone Class. RB said on his blog her wanted to do this one. He said they had a little more AA power than the Orsas. So the Ciclone got +1 AA, but I lowered the ASW by 1 and gave her Torpedo Run. A true Torpedo Boat Destroyer.

43. Duca degli Abruzzi (CL) Guisseppi Garibaldi sister. Flagship of a cruiser squadron, she made several sorties against allied convoys bound for Malta.

44. MAS Boat (MTB) Motor Torpedo Boat given proper name and new SA

45. MS Boat (MTB) Lendlease S-Boat.

46. Pola (CA) Zara sister. Commanded by an admiral, Pola was badly damaged and fell behind of her formation. Her sisters, Zara and Fiume, along with 4 destroyers were sent to rescue the admiral, which led them straight into sights of UK battleship guns. Not only were all of her would-be rescuers demolished, Pola was sunk as well. Since her last action was at night, I gave her Night Fighter. It seemed to make as much sense as Zara's Stalwart SA.

47. Re2001-OR (AC) Re2001CB as aircraft carrier fighter variant for Aquila, over 50 built. I wanted to give the Italians a better escort option from the Re2001, what I found out was that most models were in fact fighter-bombers. Then I came upon the OR and noticed what it was for. Since we already had the Fighter-Bomber version I made this one as an escort fighter with a once per game Torpedo attack. If you want the Re2001 to drop bombs, you'll have to use the original version.

Okay, it's fixed! And the set is complete...
Awesome job with these!!!!!!
Thanks bud! I've got some other sets posted here as well and am making progress on the next one which focuses on Set 4.
Corrected the speed on the PA-1.
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