Zur trigger, StP, and then...?

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Hey guys...incident came up during our weekly EDH game, and I'm a little iffy on how it was settled.

Opponent A was using Zur the Enchanter.  He swung with Zur at Opponent B, who then responded with a Swords to Plowshares.  This was before Zur's controller had decided on the aura to put on Zur(bad move?), but it was decided that, in 'top down' stack fashion, no matter what aura he chose(pro-white or not), the Swords would resolve first and exile Zur, leaving the aura to fizzle when it came out.

Thinking back, I'm not so sure that's how it should have happened.  Am I right, or am I just having phantom misgivings over nothing?
Zur gets plowed, yes, but his ability still goes off. Player A can chose a non-aura enchantment to bring into play or can chose an aura to attach it to another creature.
To elaborate further - the Zur controller doesn't choose an enchantment to bring out until the ability is resolving. So they by no means have to choose something wasteful (like an aura with nothing to enchant) - they're quite free to choose something more useful, such as a Detention Sphere or Land Tax.
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