D20 Modern Campaign Concepts

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I've got a few ideas for a D20 Modern campaign, but I've never DMed, and honestly have no interest in doing so. My passion, alike many other players I'm sure, is writing. So while I'm unable/lack the motivation to manage a campaign myself, I still find myself creating storylines for future reference/other players, and DMs. My ideas are not limited to D20 Modern, however it is my strongest area of literature. I've come up with an idea for a party v. party campaign, and another campaign that will (secretly) pit one player against his comrades. The party v. party is set in the mid-1800s in central to mid-west America. The first party under the guide of DM A is a band of outlaws. How the outlaws conduct themselves is up to they and their DM; be it a rebellious, don't-harm-civillians bandidos crew, or a take-whatever-you-want gang. The second party under the guide of DM B is the local authorities. Just like their counterparts, it is up to the DM and his players in regards to how they conduct themselves; the two most popular choices are almost identical to the bandits: you can uphold the law and defend your people, or be corrupt scum. The campaign that (secretly) pits one player against his comrades is set in the 1970s, either on the West Coast of America, or on the East Coast. Not likely anywhere in between. The reason for this is that these are the two most commonly known areas for mafia activity, and thus is the flavour of this campaign. Anywhere between 4 and 6 players. The group will find themselves under the employ of a crew associate. Depending on the speed of the party's progress, they will either be handed off to another associate, or made associates of the crew themselves. And thusly they will be given tasks by their higher-ups, which they can veto onto their own underlings (none of which are considered followers), or carry out the job themselves. Of course depending on how the DM wants to play it, the jobs can be given to the entire party, or to individual members thereof. The one player that is the secret opposition of his comrades is...ding, ding, ding! You guessed it! Either an undercover FBI agent, or a government witness. Thoughts?