Temporal Mastery and copy abilities?

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I was simply wondering, if you copy Temporal Mastery, say like with  Reverberate or a Nivix Guildmage, would the copies still resolve, or does Mastery's exile mechanic prevent that?

Thanks in advance~!
they will resolve
the copies will be exiled as well, but that doesn't really matter
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The will resolve just fine.

The copies will be exiled, and then cease to exist when State Based Actions are checked.

You will then have two additional turns after the current one.
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When you copy a spell that copy is created on the stack on top of the original. It therefore resolves first. You cannot wait to copy a spell until it resolves, it's too late at that time. you recieve priorty only after the resolution, at which time the spell does not exist anymore and thus cannot be copied.

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When an ability uses the just the cards name, it means "This object" and will have no effect on other objects with the same name.  If the ability is supposed to interact with other cards with the same name, it will use the phrase "card(s) named X" (e.g. Avarax
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