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What would you call a drug that gives the user the serenity and battle prowess of a celestial?

Need to come up with something flavorful to call it, instead of just referring to it as angel dust. 
Wing Ash?
Fluid Karma?
Heaven in a Hyperdermic Needle?
Maybe try related words in thematic languages? That's what I do when looking for naming inspiration.

Frex, here's some aramaic stuff. I'm probably mangling the transliteration, but it doesn't have to be perfect. :P

Kheloa - Dust
Tsachoa - Serenity 
Samaa - Drug
Aosyuotoa - Healing
Omolaakea - Angel

Et cetera.

EDIT: Hebrew could also work, and would be easier to transliterate. In the same order;
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Chrysalia A.K.A Solar Dust
Angel's tear.

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eberonithanol.  Also known as ETL, broth, thane, zappin' and nul. ^^
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In The Darkwood Mask, I invented spiderdust, but it's more a Khyber-based drug. Not what you're after.

How about Syberish? Or [Something] Above?

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Working off of that idea, how about The Tears of Siberys? Maybe it's given shorter names: Teardrop, Tears. Or The Blood of Siberys: Sanguis, Celestia, Blood. Heck, you could work it into a Blood of Vol plot where Emerald Claw agents are secretly doping BoV members with this drug and making them think it's their own Divinity Within giving them these abilities. Perhaps the drug is derived from some connection to Syrania and it's called Syranin or somesuch (or maybe Azure, since Syrania is the Azure Sky. Or Lapis to use the gem derivation). Or for the battle aspects of it, maybe it comes from Shavarath, and in a remarkably descriptive shortened corruption, they call it Wrath. There's a few random ideas.

PS. My personal choice would be Azure or Lapis.

PPS. Although, Lapis is latin for "stone". The full title of the gem is Lapis lazuli. The "lazuli" half derives from "lazulum" (Medieval latin) and transitively "lāzaward" (Arabic), which means "Heaven" or "Sky". (Citation)

PPPS. Or "Sky". 
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How about, "The Sigh of the Heavens"  Of just "Heaven's Sigh" for short?
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