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I want a Monk/Invoker and I have no idea how to have him level up and take a class of Invoker using Character Builder.  What am I missing?  In addition, is there a way to make a Monk/Invoker hybrid without losing the Monks 1d8 damage for unarmed attacks?  I just want a cool Monk that can use some casting!
Multiclass in 4E don't level up, only your base class does. 

You can take Unarmed Combattant as with Hybrid Talent feat 
Within CB you start out by selecting the "Hybrid" class option, which will then allow you to select the two classes you wish to merge.  Please keep in mind the differences between a "Hybrid" and a "Multiclass" in 4th edition.  Multiclassers just "touch" a second class, usually by purchasing a feat that provides access to skills, feats, and an at-will power from a second class that may be used as an encounter power.
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