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Check out these Concept art pieces for the Realms on Deviant-art. Surprised
Pretty neat stuff!  I still don't quite like the design of halflings.  I'll probably get over it eventually.  Anyway, it's cool to see an archive of everything from the articles.

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Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

Very nice pieces! I like the human barbarian and the ogre a lot! 


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Some of the monsters are nice, but most of it is just rather bland and cartoonish.

The halfling art is terrible.
is this art for 5e realms or concept art for one of the fr mmo games????
a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....
Im hoping its just fan art.
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Its concept art for the next iteration of D&D and the Forgotten Realms. Some pieces has been revealed in Jon Schindehette's Dragon's Eye View weekly column. Others are presumably for the Forgotten Realms World Bible. But i wouldn't be surprised if those were used to inspire D&D video game design as well. The whole ''here's how a D&D displacer beast or shield dwarf look like'''

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If this is concept art for the "new" forgotten Realms, I dont think they should be trying to reinvent anything, stick to the way stuff was, knowhatimena?

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That piece of art sure caught my eye when I was a kid.
I still hate those HUGE head halflings!  How can their tiny feet possibly be nimble balancing such a HUGE head?  Look at the size of that head!  It would take them all day to try and wash their hair with such tiny hands!  How do they bend over to put slippers on those tiny feet without falling over and once prone; how would they lift such load to stand?  Perhaps my suspention of disbelief is too detailed to accept that as a halfling  unless they are some stock of ogre meat!  Would such tiny hands be able to hold a weapon used by dwarves or humans?Smile
Jon Schindehette talks about the direction on some of this stuff in THIS video from GenCon 2012 in exhausting detail.  As I recall, halflings were talked about fairly extensively. 

I would think it's a tough decision with this stuff.  I don't envy those guys in some of the choices they'll have to make.  I think he also mentions quite a few times that this is all concept art.  They probably have or probably will go through dozens, scores, hundreds of ideas and concept art on what a particular race or critter might look like.  So it's entirely possible that you're seeing art that didn't make the cut.

That being said:

  • I loved almost everything I saw.  It was outstanding.  If the "FR World Bible" idea does come to fruition, and it's stuffed full of art like that, I'm so pumped.

  • I hated the halfling and the gnome.  Everything else was perfect.  Those two; not so much.  While there might be the temptation to try to put your own stylistic mark on old archtype, sometimes ya just gotta accept that we wants what we wants.  Halflings look like Bilbo Baggins.  They do not look like cartoon characters.  And it goes without sayin: Bigger feet, more hair (on the feet).

  • I'd really like to see a perspective silhoutte or something like of a human standing near every one of the monsters.  I think it would help tremendously in putting their size into, well... perspective.  Maybe even a human, elf, and halfling kinda standing in the background, or again; just some black cutouts to represent them.

There are some goodies in there, but as you have said and I also believe this is just a display of Concept Art that has or still is being worked on and critiqued.  They also provide a visual concept to see what direction Schindehette's ideas are working with the material and getting an idea of where the Client (Us) would like our Art to be.  

But Still, those HUGE headed Halfings are on my Chopping Block!Wink