[Standard] Neo-Maverick (AKA Junk Disruption)

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I've been trying to hash this out for a few weeks, and I think I've finally hit on something that could work out.
For anyone familiar with Legacy, this is a standard "port" of Maverick, an archetype that I feel could play pretty well in an FNM environment.

This list sports my favorite new card from gatecrash: Orzhov Charm. I'm hoping that they spoil some kind of decent W/B discard, because that would make this list much better.

Anyhoo, here's the list.

Haven't hashed out the lands yet, but they are there.

The deck runs on removal and disruption, answering threats like Sphinx's Revelation, Thragtusk, 'Walkers with disruption and smaller threats from RDW/Zombies with bigger bodies and removal.

Orzhov Charm + Judges Familiar gives me a psuedo counterspell if the bird is in the yard (lots of conditions, but its there). Otherwise, Judges Familiar should dissuade them from casting their own removal by a turn, just long enough for me to get a bit of advantage. Depending on how testing goes with him, may include 1 more over a call of the conclave. Armada Wurm lets me go big.

I've considered replacing Rancor with more disruption/removal, but not certain if I want to give up the clock it gives me.

Just wanted to see what other people had to say.

My FNM is fairly casual, so this should perform well there.

I have no idea why Lands comes up as landslide. that's weird.