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(Apologies if this should belong elsewhere - feel free to move the thread or let me know and close it)

Sooo... while I don't think we'll have "Pick Your Guild"-style pre-release events forever, as we're facing the GTC pre-rel, I got to wonder if anyone at WotC considered making the players pick their guild *after* they open the 5 standard boosters....

The theory I'm going with is that WotC is seeing the pre-rel events as a "fun" event. Players are excited about the new set, new players may come into the community, and so on so forth... which is great, but a bit annoying for those of us living in a place where the pre-rel events are essentially the *only* event in town.

I can either take a lot of time off from work, travel around the country and get to big tourneys, or have to accept the sanctioned gameplay scene available to me (and all those in our group) is made up of drafts when the local store gets enough people (FNM for those that go), and the pre-rel event.

So, we tend to look at the pre-rel events as our #1 opportunity to show our skills, and -to be honest- we would *love* to look at most of our card pool before we get the guild booster. Now, of course, the field is leveled because everyone in the event has to face the same issue, but this approach seems to favor the guilds and mechanics that are most robust (instead of those "fragile", in that they really need a strong card pool to work). Which, in turn, means the 'coolest' cards, mechanics and guilds, won't be used by most people (in the pre-rel event; because the coolest cards and mechanics have to be more fragile to be balanced!).

I'd love to hear the thoughts of the rest of the community, of course - and if you agree, consider adding your name below to show WotC your support.

In short, my plead:
Dear WotC, next time you have guild-centric pre-rel event, let the players pick the guild *after* they open their 5 boosters.

I know it is much easier for organizers if players pick their guild upfront. The organizer just has to hand the player the prepackaged box, and everything the player needs is inside it.
yeah, I know.. but then again.. 90% of the players went back to the counter to get the lands, so I think that could be an easy spot/time to hand out the 6th booster... food for thoughts, I guess.
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