[Google Hangouts] D&D Next, 1-2 players needed, Sundays

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Happens weekly at 2pm PST/5pm EST. Some leeway in times is possible, but weekdays are not feasible.
Group currently has DM plus 2 regular players, all in our 30s with people on both coasts of the US.
We try to keep up-to-date with latest D&D Next packets.

Our characters are currently at 6th level.
We have pregens to use, if you want them.
It is ok for new players to create new characters at 6th or below, pending DM approval.
We will also allow bringing existing characters from past editions and converting them to D&D Next, pending DM approval.

Sounds interesting. But I am not always back right at 2pm, I usually get back between 2pm and 2:30. I will be home all day tmw.
Interesting. I should be able to join you today (1/20), if you have another slot
Hello, I had a few replies to another thread I made on the DnD Next page of Google Plus, but I am unsure how many we will actually have today. So, I can't guarantee a spot, but I can add people to our Google calendar invitation. That way, you can see who is in each week. We have plenty of people that pop in and out of the group.

Msg me with an email addr, and I can add you to the invite. If you also have a google plus profile, I can add you to my gaming circle.
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