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Hello there!

I dug up my 3.5 books and tried to find a way to use the flat-footed condition on a target.

The obvious way is Sneak Attack from the rogue. Sudden Strike is good to from the Ninja.

I want to use extra damage on an attack after a Bluff check on the target (wich will be flat-footed if it work).

Is there any other way to get extra damage in those conditions? Without multiclassing or geting a prestige class fo it? Is there a feat? A weapon upgrade?

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Iaijutsu Focus.
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To expand on EruditeApe's very uninformative statement, Oriental Adventures produced rules for a skill called Iaijutsu Focus (pg. 58). The skill allows you to deal extra damage when you attack a flat-footed opponent immediately after drawing a melee weapon based of the skill check.
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Assuming that we're talking about feinting with the Bluff check, the target isn't actually flat-footed, but merely denied its Dexterity bonus to AC (which does allow you to sneak attack it).  There are only a few way to genuinely catch a target flat-footed, such as before it acts in combat, or via special effects like Sapphire Nightmare Blade (a Diamond Mind maneuver from Tome of Battle).

While there are a few cases, like Iaijustu Focus, that require the target to actually be flat-footed, many effects like sneak attack will merely require the target to be denied its Dexterity bonus to AC, so your options are somewhat broader (being flat-footed includes losing your Dex bonus to AC, but you can also lose that Dex bonus in a variety of other ways).

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Feinting in Combat, see the Bluff Skill, will allow you to do a Sneak Attack, although it is a standard action, so can only be used for 1 attack in a round.

There are a couple of Skilll Tricks Acrobatic Backstab, is the best, It requires 12 ranks in Tumble, but it allows you to tumble around an opponent to make him flat footed for your next attack.

There are spells as well that will make an opponent flat footed or deny them their dex bonus, The assassin gets one, cast as a swift action, that will make his oponent flat footed,  Wizards can cast the same spell, so if you coordinate with a wizard in your party you may be able to use it to great effect. 
Maybe I should rephrase my question. You all bring great light on the matter.

I want to feint in combat (Bluff) to get a similar advantage as Sneak Attack or Sudden Strike, without multiclassing. To put the target flat-footed OR to deny it's DEX to his AC.

As I learned,  Iaijutsu Focus is from the 3.0 edition and my DM use only 3.5 material, no tweaking like he say.

Feinting in combat can be done easily for my character so that's why I want I want to find a way to exploit it. 
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You mean to add Sneak Attack to a class that doesn't have it? There might be some spells that can add sneak attack damage to them.

However I don't see any real advantage. It works for a rogue because with a lower attack and lower damage, his sneak attack bonus (by level) is often greater then the damage he would gain from doing a full round attack, especially to overcome DR or if he would miss without reducing the target's AC (removing dex bonus)

For a rogue, who's sneak attacks is significantly higher then their base damage, trading extra attacks for sneak attack damage is worth it. However if your sneak attack damage is less then your base damage, then it is not really worth it. A Fighter giving up a 2d6+20 attack to gain 1d6 or 2d6 sneak attack damage really isn't a good choice.

Any spell or magic that adds sneak atack damage really isn't worth it over simply getting an item that added base damage to all attacks. 
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