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Truefire Paladin
Creature- Human Knight (Uncommon)
: Truefire Paladin gets +2/+0 until end of turn.
: Truefire Paladin gains first strike until end of turn.

Source:  Mothership image gallery.
I like it. A nice place to dump mana late game and a decent body early game.
Nice solid card. Glad to see it.
So Boros gets two guildmages (kinda)?
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kinda reminds me of the gruul guildmage in the 'bear early or game winning manasink late' sense.
So Boros gets two guildmages (kinda)?

I'm kind of annoyed, actually, because the guildmages are such a strong cycle and it rankles to have a kinda-sorta not-really eleventh Guildmage. It's a fine multicolor card, just not in this set.
Solid limited card. Would probably break into constructed if the other 2-drop options weren't so spectacular right now.
oh look, another powerful boros card. I hope this is a cycle.

~ 4/1
: ~ is unblockable this turn
:~ gets -1/+1 until the end of turn (totally didn't steal it from Frostburn wierd ^^)
Vigilance? really? so I can have a strong powered first striker blocker after I attack?
This card is great, if I miss turn 3 drop I still can push 2 dmg by dumping mana for his power (just hope it doesn't get killed), and with vigilance I can block later on.
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I'm super down.
This is gonna be sick in limited.
So Boros gets two guildmages (kinda)?

Not really, all guildmages' abilities effect or create other things. This abilities only effect ifself.  It actually remind me or of order of the ebonhand and order of leitbur
I'm not super up to speed on Sealed/Limited, but it just seems like Boros is gonna wreck face in Prerelease.
They were my first thought, too. I'm kinda bummed about his abilities costing so much, though. Investing 4 mana to make your guy a 4/2 First Strike is....ehhhh, okay...but still disappointing.

Considering how much more powerful creatures are today than they were in Fallen Empires, it's disappointing to see a new creature so naturally on par with old ones.
Strong limited card.

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Threat of activation for 4/2 first strike, with vigilance. Geez. This card is quite good.
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Turn 3 Silverblade Paladin? K.
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I'm kinda bummed about his abilities costing so much, though.


They cost about as much as Order of Leitbur, which was pretty dominant.  Except you can pump it much harder if not blocked (and your opponents are unlikely to block if you have, say, 4 mana untapped).  It doesn't have pro-black, but vigilance on a first striker is pretty mean. 

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This is really irritatingly similar to Sunhome Guildmage.  Every set they go on and on about making creatures distinct from each other and now we have two creatures both at uncommon with exact same casting cost, p/t and each has two abilities that require very similar mana costs and dont require to tap.
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too similar to a guildmage for my liking, but pretty good all the same.
Haha, better than the guildmage!
Pretty solid.
Besides all the complaints about this being too close mechanically and flavorfully to a guildmage, this is a pretty decent card.


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Beutifull art. And i want this dude so much.
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Love the callback to the pump knights ^^

Those are some of my favorite creatures. The first draft I ever organized was Fallen Empires, and I had a ball playing B/W - multiple Order of the Ebon Hand and Order of Leitbur, with Initiates of the Ebon Hand and Implements of Sacrifice for mana fixing <3

EDIT: For the record, never draft Fallen Empires. It was a terrible plan. Just don't do it.
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Talk about perfect timing. I'm currently putting together a deck based Scourge of the Nobilis, with Cerodon Yearling, Figure of Destiny Hearthfire Hobgoblin and so forth, with Sun Titan to top out the curve. The paladin's going to go in so fast it isn't even funny, because lifelink-vigilance-first-strike-firebreathing is fun.
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-Truefire Paladin

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It's pretty solid.
This scares be a lot. I'm getting flashbacks to Kazandu Blademaster. {Shudder}....
This scares be a lot. I'm getting flashbacks to Kazandu Blademaster. {Shudder}....

It won't be like that....well, it better not be!
I hate that card...I mean, it's good to be efficient, but that card was just insane...even at rare it would have still been OP...
Now for the Truefire Paladin... Well I love it! 2/2 vigilance for 2 isn't bad in itself. The threat of it being first strike (to kill blocker) and/or getting pumped (to get more damage through, to kill a bigger creature) is great!
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Oh look, a 2+2n/2 first striker with vigilance. GILBIC
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This-vigilance+replace name in text with "target creature"=guildmage
Its just that a guild whose falvor is combat oriented is going to have guildmages with combat abilities.

This is very similar to a number of knights already seen... order of the Ebon hand, order of leitbur, order of the white shield, knight of stromgald stilmoon cavalier (who borrows a little from white shield crusader).

It might have been better saved for dragon maze to avoid the onerous comparison though.


Solid, will do work at the prerelease.
I hope this is a cycle.  I'm going to hate seeing this guy if my opponent plays him.
Probably standard playable. Difficult to block well early, and is a solid mana sink late game. Not insane but still a card.

I think Draft is the best format in Magic.

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I'm kinda bummed about his abilities costing so much, though.


They cost about as much as Order of Leitbur, which was pretty dominant.

Order had a relevant protection ability; this lacks protection of any sort. Limited beater, mana sink.

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I like this allot, very well designed.

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