Forging The Realms: When Stuff Happens, Leaving a Legacy

True words of wisdom, not just pertaining to the Realms and D&D, but the world around us as well.  Well said, Mr. Greenwood

An undead spectre occasionally returning to remind the fandom of its grim existence.



Some good pointers for the fellow hobbyist!:

"...what mark they can make in the world that will outlive them."

This topic hits very close to my heart as it's something I've always tried to encourage in my games and it's something I'll bring up whenever I see the topic of "What to do with high level characters with treasure piled higher than their egos" online.

And over the years, quite a number of fixtures in my Greyhawk-Planescape game came from high level PCs in the past.

The most prestigious gambling house/themed-room inn in Greyhawk City - "The Golden Lyric" was created by a paladin with a dream... and 1.5 million in gold. While the rest of us were looting bodies... he was looting the furnishings. And the wine cellars. All the themed rooms *had* to be authentic. Now it takes a certain level of commitment to drag out an entire bedroom set from a noble house you just raided in Erelhei-Cinlu.

And over the years there were a group of PCs who built a fortress from the sundered remnants of an Iron Cube of Acheron called "Khatun". Then there were Knighthoods, Demiplanes, Thieves' Guilds, Artifacts, even coinage minted in their image.

As they say, if you're gonna dream - dream *Big*. Even if it's a dream the PC may never live to see fully realized - like building a city. Some "projects" may wind up unfolding over the course of several campaigns.
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