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d20 AT-43 - Therians

AT-43 is more or less discontinued nowadays, and I thought it would be a good

subject for a d20 write-up. After all, AT-43 models can be purchased so cheaply it would be prudent for any d20 Future player to pick up a few for gaming purposes. The various races like the UNA or Red Blok are easy to write-up, but I thought the Therians deserved a bit more than that.

d20 Therians


The Therians

The Therians are a large cybernetic race of bio-mechanical cyborgs. Careless and unfeeling, the Therians are intent on bending the galaxy to their will. Therians are distinctive, Resembling large black-armored robotic skeletons with a white armored facemask. A fearsome bright orange glow seeps from beneath their armor plates powering their sophisticated biomechanical frames, as well as their weapons.
Therians have the ability to graft fearsome and powerful weapons to themselves; everything from wickedly sharp mechanical claws, to powerful high tech energy cannons. Therians can even graft themselves into giant bio-mechanical walking robots, turning themselves into giant walking tanks.

The Therians consider themselves to be the almighty craftsmen of a better universe, a universe which is to be organized and bent to their will. They have dedicated themselves to an extraordinary mission: each star,each planet must be transformed, remodeled. The Therians' abilities are infinite and their technology is all-powerful. All the resources in the universe could only offer a very temporary resistance against their will. Four factions meet around the prodigious Therian project.

• The Cyphers, who take care of the proper functioning of thedoom devices, which are used to transform conquered stellar systems into Therian heaven.

• The Warriors, who have developed a taste for combat along the countless battles fought against the combined forces of the universe. They lead the troops to victory.

• The Web Striders, who are secretly searching for the consciousnessthey believe lies deep inside the marvelous Therian machines. One day the machines will give birth to a new algorithmic life form.

• H/Babel - a mysterious sect, heretofore unknown.

All the Therians are united by the Therian dream; they all seek to wipe away the pathetic opposition of the short-sighted creatures opposing them. The confrontation between the Therians,supported by their powerful technology, and the primitive animals challenging them can only end in a bloodbath.The passage of time is the Therians’ ally because the future is on their side.

Therian Golem (Warrior)

Therian warriors are called Golems, and are assigned into either shooting-based units known as Storm Golem Squads, or assault-based units known as Assault Golem Squads.

Playing as a Therian Golem:

- +6 Strength, +2 Constitution, −2 Wisdom, −4 charisma: The Therian's robotic form gives them a sturdy build with powerful electro-fiber muscles; unfortunately, they are also careless and unfeeling bio-mechanical monstrosities. They lack caring, logic or personal skills.
- Medium Construct (living construct)
- A Therian Warrior's base land speed is 30 feet
- Powerful Build (Ex): +4 to grapple, bull rush, overrun. They are considered size category Large for weapons, natural attack tables, and carrying capacity.
- Darkvision: 60 feet (Ex): Their monstrous robotic heritage has left them with good vision in the dark spaceships and cavernous worlds Therians call home.
- Natural Armor: +4
- Damage Reduction 2
- Automatic Languages: Common/Basic
- Favored Class: Fighter/Fast Hero
- Level Adjustment: +2
- Therians take a -4 penalty to Hide checks due to the noticable bright orange glow that surrounds them.
- Therians have a +4 bonus to Intimidate checks. They are known for being cruel and capricious. Many an enemy has been struck down by a Therian energy weapon or eviscerated at the hand of a wickedly sharp metal Therian claw.

Construct Traits: Therians pass all Will saves they are required to make and are immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease and necromancy effects. Any effect that requires a fort save is harmless to a Therian. They are not subject to critical hits, energy drain, nonlethal damage, ability damage, ability drain or the effects of massive damage. Unlike other constructs, Therians are skilled constructs and gain 4 skill points per level.

Some other stuff I'm considering writing up:

Therian Wraith Golgoth

Therian Hero: Urash (5th level Fast Hero) claws and energy cannon

Therian Nina Zero

Therian Babylon Zero

Karman K-Warriors

I've got some of the AT-43 books somewhere.. I'll have to look through them again.
I think Therians also had some healing abilities, or could, upon destruction of the 'body' transfer their consciousness to a new body. Like the cylons in the revised Battlestar Galactica  series.
I've got some of the AT-43 books somewhere.. I'll have to look through them again.
I think Therians also had some healing abilities, or could, upon destruction of the 'body' transfer their consciousness to a new body. Like the cylons in the revised Battlestar Galactica  series.

Awesome. What weapons were the basic Therians armed with, and what weapons were the Assault golems armed with?

Also, how many "wounds" or "hitpoints" did each unit have?

Sorry took so long, had problems finding the books..
As for the Therians..
Basic infantry are more machine than NPC, called golems, which come in three varieties. Overseers, which are the officers, and more full NPC, although still technically a machine like creature.

Three types of Golems are Storm, Assault and Grim.

Assault Golems are autonomous combat systems based on a lithe humanoid frame, assembled from nanomachines and benefits from advanced combat programming. Uses ranged and melee weapons, the nucleus rifle that uses smart nanomunition, and a set of reaper blades.
Usually come in groups of 6 to 9 with an overseer leader. 1 out of 3 will be armed with optional special weapons, flamers or nucleus gun. A special system they can get is the nanostorm, and relay (usually only on the overseer).

Grim Golems are melee only units, equipped with two reaper blades and are faster. Also equipped with optical camo system. A flamer can be added as a special weapon to one out of 3 grims. Usually found in groups of 6 to 9 with an overseer that can have a relay.

Storm Golems are a balance of the two.. more mid range, and heavier armour. Armed with nanoblaster which is a short ranged weapon and uses smart ammunition and a set of reaper blades. Optional weapons are flamer and sonic gun. These are more 'elite' units, deploying in groups of 6 to 9 with an overseer.

Flamers are fire bundles of nanites that act as a catalyst that 'burns' away objects and people alike. Deals damage to a cone area. Also comes in a heavy version for more damage and larger area. Deals half damage to creatures with fire immunity, and creatures with fire resistance find their resistance as half effective.

Optical Camo Module are cloaking devices, granting a +5 to +10 bonus to Hide as it distorts, to almost rendering them invisible to visual sensors. 

Nanostorms are indirect fire weapons, similar to grenades.

Nucleus rifle is a standard weapon, probably similar to plasma rifles, semi rate of fire, good range, highly accurate, and armour penetration.

Nanoblaster is short range, semi/automatic rate of fire, slightly less damage than the nucleus rifle, uses smart ammunition for greater accuracy, reduces penalties to autofire by half, but also increases the Reflex save due to the higher number of rounds launched per autofire attack.

Nucleus gun is basically a heavy machinegun version of the nucleus rifle, with automatic fire mode, armour penetration, and autofire penalties reduced by half due to the smart ammunition.

Sonic gun is a sonic weapon with high damage like a cannon, but slower fire rate, single.

Reaper blades are arm/hand mounted blades, similar to high frequency swords with high armour penetration. So +2 to +3 to attack targets wearing armour, or ignores 2 to 3 points of hardness/DR, depending on attacking people or objects or your rules on armour. 

Relays are used by overseers, the officers. Relays transmit advanced programming protocols to the golems in the attack group, granting various bonuses or effects.
These protocols are:
Transfer: Damage done to one unit is transferred to another unit. Even to units just recently destroyed/killed in the same round. If sent to a unit just destroyed, this renders the destroyed unit completely destroyed with no chance of being recovered for repair.
Dash: A protocol for charging, triple speed, +2 to damage with melee weapons at the end of the charge.
Hyper Nanonucleus: When activated, all golems in the group can re-roll one missed attack roll made during the round this protocol is activated.

Activating these protocols is a standard action for the overseer. 

Now.. as for hitpoints.. umm.. well could use the basic stats for a medium sized biodroid robot frame, only maybe increase hit dice to 2 hit dice, maybe add levels of tough or strong for the assault and storm, while fast for the grim as they are quick and nimble, get in quick and slice away. 
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