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Would a creature who gained shroud or protection loose all enchantments?
Shroud? No. Protection? Yes, or at least all enchantments the Protection was actually relevant to.

Shroud just means "This can't be the target of spells or abilities". Since an Aura that's already on the battlefield (a) doesn't target anything (it will beĀ attached to something, but that's not the same thing) and (b) is neither a spell nor an ability, this doesn't do anything to it. However, it does make it tricky (not impossible) to add additional Auras.

Protection does remove relevant Auras, not because of anything to do with targeting, but because the rules for Protection specifically say so. Contrary to popular belief, Protection is much more than just a limited form of Shroud.
Jeff Heikkinen DCI Rules Advisor since Dec 25, 2011
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