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this is my deadeye navigator deck for fnm please help

Deadeye navigator+ zealous conscript+ gilded lotus = lulz

 You steal your own lotus with conscript untapped it tap for mana, giving infinite mana

Then you use the infinite mana to steal all of your opponents permanents 

Beyond that you might want card draw over index such as think twice 

I am working on a similar idea in crystal witness thread come check it out 
i love that combo and thank you for your advice but what should i take out for conscripts and lotuses
Typically you would want to cut from the top of the curve but all the cards I listed are more expensive than the top of your curve(except the navigator), however you also are at 25 land

In replacing index with think twice you can use some xerox theory to get at least one land, so you can cut a land

I would cut Chandra because I don't see her doing  much you could also cut 1 archaeomancer giving 3 spots for lotus

I don't see grip tide doing amazing things for you either ( although that is based on my experience when I used a deck that ran all the put creatures on top of their library cards) 
thanks for all the help this is the new decklist

do you think this deck stands a chance at fnm?
Will you win some games, yes. Matches most likely not, you need a better mana base. Your removal choices have no world kill for if you get behind like blaphemous act you also are lacking in instant speed removal so haste based decks like the mono red deck will pretty well rock your face.

Here is a liNk to the standard compendium

If you do a search for standard compendium on the main site you will get the last two months which may give you a better idea what's out there.

thanks for all the help would evolving wilds and guildgates help?
 i can probably get 2 shockland
thanks for all the help would evolving wilds and guildgates help?

They will help, but not as much as dual colored lands. Steam Vents are really cheap right now, relatively speaking.
alright i have two steam vents right now i can try to get 2 more and try to get some <a href="" rel="nofollow">Sulfur Fall</a>s  thanks for all the help i will post the new deck soonSmile
I think you want to be in green, particularly for Mister Obvious and acidic slime.  There are also a couple of simic cards coming out in gatecrash that will fit in very nicely.
Next thing you will tell me Browbeat is bad.
sorry but i do not have the money for any thragtusk and i like my deck izzet color

your deck is almost identical to mine.  I had some searing spear though that really helped.  It's a fun deck to play because once your combo goes off there are probably 5 standard legal cards that can stop it.  And most people won't even realize they can use them.  The biggest problem for me was rakdos decks.  They would screw me up everytime.  

Edit: Don't read that. I didn't realize I didn't have the decklist up there.  I ended up winning around 4 or 5 of the probably 13 or 14 games.  I think I might have won 1 or 2 matches.  The only issue i had was the combo just took too long to execute.  And if someone plays a counter on any of the 3 required cards that turns into a BIG problem.  I'm attempting to swap out a couple cards for Izzet Staticaster and splash green ONLY for Nightshade Peddler.  When bonded, that turns into an instant that kills all their creatures continuously.  And i'm with you on thragtusk.  He most certainly does not belong in every deck.  

My list was
Searing Spear 
Pillar of Flame
Gilded Lotus
Deadeye Navigator
Zealous Conscripts
Electrickery  (for spirit decks and the like)
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