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I was wondering if someone with the Online RC could help me in figuring out all of the out of combat feats. The only ones that I can really find in my books are:

Ritual Caster
Practiced Study
Skill Focus
and Skill training 

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There are a couple that grant low-light vision - one for dragonborn and one for rangers.  Linguist is certainly out of combat.  Can multi-class feats be considered out of combat?  Bardic Ritualist offers no combat powers, I'm sure there are others.


There are many out of combat feats, they mostly involve bonus to skill checks, other involve replacing certain skill for another one for certain checks, some have both in-combat and out of combat utility, familiar feats are also very out of combat utility.

Some give you access to a specific rituals and give you bonus to certain skills (herbalist giving you access to brew potion ritual and +5 heal checks to threat diseases)
Also, MANY cannot really be strictly classified. Is the Skill Power feat an "out of combat" feat or not? It gives access to a wide variety of possible powers, which have applicability in many situations. The same with all the MC feats. Other feats really depend. I mean what about say "Axe Expertise", this is a combat feat correct? But of course I could always fluff it as my character has special training acquired by associating with a specific society of warriors, being specially trained by dwarven warriors, etc. I can understand why you'd still call it a combat feat, but the whole question of splitting the game into combat and non-combat elements is a bit dubious to me. Its ALL about RP and character building.
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I would say that there are dozens, likely over a hundred feats that qualify as out of combat. So I think you may be asking for a bigger job than you realize.
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