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Hey guys I was looking to create your standard goblin deck since it was the first deck I ever made. The deck is obviously gonna look like this


now I'm Just playing casually. With some friends. I wanted to somehow add Goblin guide, Warren Investigator, Goblin grenade and Squee( cause I love him) so how would you tweak it? IF you would. The grenade might not fit in... But if it did what would you change? Maybe even some burn in there? THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!

4  Bloodstained Mire
10 Mountain
4  Wasteland
4  Wooded Foothills

4  Gempalm Incinerator
4  Goblin Lackey
4  Goblin Matron
4  Goblin Piledriver
1  Goblin Pyromancer
4  Goblin Ringleader
1  Goblin Sharpshooter
4  Goblin Warchief
4  Mogg Fanatic
3  Siege-Gang Commander
1  Skirk Prospector

4  Aether Vial
This should be moved to the casual forum please.