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In an effort to contribute to the online community, improved my own character optimization skills, and to hopefully give some build ideas to people out there, I've decided to start a bi-weekly posting of characters outside the normal scope of builds. I will be actively avoiding stand-bys such as Uber-Chargers, Batman Wizards, CoDZillas, and others in favor of more unusual builds that will (hopefully) prove both fun and effective. Naturally, critique is appreciated and welcomed. So, without further adieu, here we go!

Valenessa, Masterminding Fiend

At first, Valenessa was nothing more than a simple succubus. Like all demons, she was wild, chaotic, and destructive. She was quite content to trick mortal men and cause wanton chaos. That all changed when she was abducted and brought to the Nine Layers of Hell by a trio of devils. Asmodeus, the Arch-Duke of Hell, had been conducting experiments to convert demons into devils in an effort to gain the advantage in the Blood War the two sides had been waging for eons of time. At first, the succubus resisted valiantly, but the chemicals and the torture eventually took their toll. No one save Asmodeus knows how long she suffered in the darkness, but eventually her mind had been drastically warped.

The Arch-Duke began to 'instruct' her on order over chaos, remaking her mind to be the perfect companion to the perfect devil: Asmodeus. She was trained in the Arch-Duke's personally created form of martial arts, a style that suited her perfectly: brutal, elegant, intelligent, and dramatic. She had been remade into the perfect successor for the Arch-Duke of Hell, a result even Asmodeus himself had not foreseen.

Now, to honor her patron and to prove that she is his rightful heir, Valenessa has undertaken a scheme that outdoes even the Arch-Duke's most outrageous plans: destroy the very fabric of reality. Though she has only just emerged onto the realm of humans once more, the gears of her intricately woven machinations have already begun to turn ...

Rules: 32 Point Buy, No flaws used.

Books: Core, Savage Species, Complete Warrior, Tome of Battle, Book of Vile Darkness

Optional: Dragon Compendium

Race: Succubus (Using Savage Species for this girl, that way she's playable from level 1)

Starting Stats (Stat After Racial Modifiers): Str 15, Dex 16 (18), Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 8 (14)

End Stats: Str 20 (+2 Racial, +3 Increase), Dex 18, Con 16 (+2 Racial), Int 16 (+6 Racial), Wis 18 (+4 Racial), Cha 22 (+8 Racial)

Level Progression 

Succubus 12: No dodging this one. She needs to finish out all twelve levels from Savage Species before she can get into real class levels. However, her survivability is surprisingly good over these levels. Her flight, energy resistances, immunities, and spell resistance all add up to making her far more durable than she would seem at first glance. I recommend using a glaive or some other reach weapon at early levels to minimize personal risk in melee.

Feats: Improved Toughness, Alertness, Improved Natural Attack (Unarmed Strike)

Unarmed Swordsage 1:  Valenessa's first real level, and it's certainly a good one. After all, her racial HD count for half toward her total Initiator level, just like any other HD.

Feats: Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Focus (Unarmed Strike) [Bonus Feats]

Soul Eater 1, 2: Here's where things start to get really nasty. Now each of her natural attacks inflict negative levels, and since unarmed strikes can be used with any part of the body she can still use her claw attacks. That's a lot of negative levels.

Feats: Superior Unarmed Strike

Unarmed Swordsage 2: Wisdom to AC, and it's hardly a stretch to argue for the unarmed version getting it while unarmored.

Unarmed Swordsage 3 OR Battle Dancer 1: If the DM will allow the class, a single level into Battle Dancer from Dragon Compendium will take great advantage of Valenessa's naturally high charisma.

Soul Eater 4, 5, 6: Lastly, finishing off her few remaining levels with more Soul Eater will net her some nice buffs every time she inflicts a negative level. Which is extremely often. If feeling cheesy, murder a few dozen cats before going into battle.

Feats: Snap Kick

Well, that's all for now. Please give some critique. Thanks!
I really like the build it could be a good bbeg also might I suggest using boots of the battledancer or snowflake wardance to give you some more cha synergy (I'm not sure what the battle dancer does so that's why I'm curious)
Sorry, I should have explained battle dancer a little more thoroughly. It has full BAB, good Reflex saves, and most importantly it adds her Charisma modifier to her AC when she is unarmored. Provided a reasonable DM she will have both her Wis and Cha to her AC on top of her rather high natural armor.

And yes, Valenessa was originally a BBEG in an old campaign of mine Laughing 
It would be interesting to pump the cha as much as allowed and create a charisma titan with a succubus!
Not bad, I rather like it. It reminds me of a succubus I built a while back that was a cohort for a cosmic descryer/ thaumaturge. I advanced her with a level of battle dancer and full progression of black guard if I recall, gave her a spike chain and evasive reflexes. Since she was an epic character I also gave her the epic combat relfexes feat (which she qualified for due to evasive reflexes) which essentially let her just step away from advancing enemies which didn't use teleportation at will (I can't remember, nor can I find her sheet but I think I may have found a way to squeeze thicket of blades in there as well).
Any suggestions on that charisma titan,

Lashius, could you post your succubus as best as you can remember? I think it would be cool to take a look. 
Its been awhile but you would basically go paladin of tyranny (cha -> saves) this also nets you a pretty cool aura for -2 to the enemy then you either go bard (to get snowflake wardance which adds cha to hit) or you can go sorcer (primary spellcasting [basic sorcadin]) also should look at the thunderlance spell (sc) it adds cha/int (primary stat) to your damage and attack when using the lance. Finally there are boots in d319 (don't quote me on that I'm afb) but it gives you cha to damage and attack for 1 minute a day. There are other things too, hexblade can add cha -> saves again for spell saving throws. There's a thread called X stat -> Y bonus which would be handy there's ways for it to add to ac too I believe. Might be an interesting route for this character
Any suggestions on that charisma titan,

Lashius, could you post your succubus as best as you can remember? I think it would be cool to take a look. 

I'll try and find her as soon as posable.
It might be worth taking that third level of Swordsage last, to get L5 manoeuvres - in a purely theoretical sense. In a game which is playing up from a lower level, you might never get there.

Cha-wise, Paladin of Tyranny and Hexblade are both good choices to boost your saves. In fact, just look up the X-to-Y thread. The main problem you have here is a lack of levels due to the Succubus HD and LA...

Still, pretty cool. 
Also one final suggestion for the build would be to incorporate two weapon fighting and the gloves for the imrpoved version, adding 2 extra attacks into the mix giving you more level drain. This is ultimately weakened though if they are immune but gives you a decent amount of damage aswell. If you want to see an even odder build check out the boogeyman (ill get a link in a bit I'm on my phone atm)
I have heard of the Boogeyman, but I've never been able to find his build. Perhaps my Google-Fu is just too weak. And yes, if she ever got played into epic levels, I would suggest grabbing one more level of Swordsage, then finishing out Soul Eater.
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