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So I am DMing a game and a situation of one of the monsters my PCs were fighting was pushed off a Cliff. First time it came up in the game so we looked up the rule and I did not like the Saving throw answer. 

I came up with a house rule and I wanted to get some opinions on it.

Forced off a ledge you make an immediate "save throw".

1-9 = You fall

10-15 = You fall, and catch yourself on the ledge hanging there. On your next turn you must make an Athletics check to pull yourself up as your move action. Taking a -2 penalty to the check if an enemy is occupying the last possible standing square as if they were trying to "stomp on your fingers" to get you to fall. If they are there and you succeed you move to the closest occupiable square available. With no OA for passing an enemy. (Due to them trying to stomp you.) Otherwise you just move into the closest occupiable square.

16-19 = You fall prone in the last occupiable square.

20+ = You move to the last occupiable square and do not fall prone.

Please give me feedback and possible ideas for a more comprehensive rule. Thank you for reading.
Before I share any thoughts, why are you dissatisfied with the RAW?
Before I share any thoughts, why are you dissatisfied with the RAW?

I do not like the Catch your self rule beacuse to me it is to simple/safe.  Since all you do is make a save throw. 50/50 chance your are going over the edge. Unless I have missed something with Forced Movement and Falling.

If your save throw is over 10 you fall prone in the last square you occupied before you would have fallen. The forced movement ends. I read that as if you roll over a 10 you are basically pushed into a "Wall." 

But if you are standing on an edge i feel the risk of falling should be higher. After all someone is trying to send you over that edge. 

Now if I am misunderstanding the mechanic. I would greatly appreciate some clarification. This is not something I have implemented into my game yet. I would rather run with normal rules, but I am not in agreement with my interpretation.

Edit: Changed Simple to simple/safe.
Hmmm.  I will have to re-read that rule because that was not how I thought it worked.  Basically what i have been doing is:  1-9 you fall (take falling damage) & 10-20 you fall, but catch yourself on the way down.  On the ledge, branch, whatever.  The rest I leave up to the situation.

Thus, I would keep your rule for1-9, ditch the rules for 16-19 & the 20, and then expanded the rule for 10-15 out to 10-20.  Your way provides to many positive outcomes from being pushed off a cliff in my mind.
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