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So I thought up this idea for a contest. Each round, entreants will be required to post one or more cards matching certain criteria. So the idea is to design and flush out an entire realm (not a whole plane) by using only cards and one short description of it. Sound fun? I hope so.

So round one is pretty easy. One paragraph between five and ten sentences describing your region, and one mythic legendary (no planeswalkers) that is exemplary of that area. Oh and in your sescription, please name waht colors are in your region (which can be all five.)
Flavor will be important, so don't be afraid to add flavor text to an already wordy card.

Hundreds of years ago, the kingdom of Cantovere was beseiged by vampires. The people of Cantovere specialized in protective magics and hunting their undead foes. The vampires specialized in slaying the people of the realm. It was not until one newling vampire, an ex-crusader, saw the solution that peace could reign. Now Lord Dorian rules with a fair and equal hand. Vampires use their lengthy lives to seek knowledge and enlightenment to aid their mortal compatriates. Here white and black mana can exist peacefully and in cooperation.

Lord Dorian, Master of Cantovere
Creature - Vampire
Lifelink, Flying
When you gain life, put that many white 1/1 Citizen creature tokens onto the battlefield.
Vampire creatures you control have lifelink.
I ave seen the way. We will aid them and they will aid us. Together we are more.
Hmm...this sounds interesting .

     Last year, the Gwinal (pronounced gwee-NAHL) peoples invented time travel. Five years ago, they improved it. Now (and then and later) they travel throughout time and space to bring science to their plane. Of course, the Gwinal were originally demon spawn, so fighting their selfish, destructive instincts often proves difficult, making them unwelcome in most places. As if they care.



Graxon, Gwinal Time Master
Legendary Creature — Human Horror  (U)
At the beginning of your end step, untap all nonland permanents you control.
, : Counter target spell. Its controller sacrifices X creatures, where X is the converted mana cost of that spell.
, :  Exile target creature from a graveyard with X time counters on it, where X is its converted mana cost. If it doesn’t have suspend, it gains suspend. If its owner would cast it, you cast it instead.
The right technology can bring the dead back to life, but a conscience-free mind is all that can wield them.


*EDIT* Fixed a major mechanics issue with him. Suspend needs time counters, duh :P .
*EDIT 2* Got the templating correct so it works under the CR.

All cards I make have artists credited in the appropriate places. Artist names in "quotes" are DeviantArt usernames unless otherwise mentioned.

"I play a Grave Betrayal. I get all your dead things now, mwahahahaha!"
"Okay. I play a Phage the Untouchable. Piss me off and I will sac it."
"... ... ... so guys, remind me again how to sac my own enchantments?"

Gundt is 19. He lives in a small trailer by a chicken farm 6 miles from the suburban suburbscape that he grew up in. He drives a dodge pick-up, likes the Wu-Tang Clan, and thinks Nicolas Cage is an incredibly underrated actor. He feels directionless and he is having trouble getting over his last girlfriend. Between his ears there is a Plane: Cybelum. He has no idea.

All five colours exist within Cybelum.

Creature - Elemental Devil Demon (M)
When Dopamoni enters the battlefield, each permanent you control becomes a copy of it.
Sacrifice Dopamoni at the beginning of your next endstep.


139359831 wrote:
That is a lovely painting of Richard Garfield. It really brings out his feminine side.
Neige is a wintry realm, who likes to go south for the summer. It is fond of mulled wine, log fires and avalanches. Although often stunningly beautiful, Neige acts coldly towards strangers and is largely irritated by the giant kings and their courtiers who consider themselves its inhabitants and refuse to leave. Sometimes, among the mountains and the fjords, Neige could even believe it was warming to them, despite their petty wars. This is a chilling thought, for then what would keep them from ravaging the rest of the world? Neige contains only snow mana.#

Weihnack, King of Bitter Winds
Legendary Snow Creature - Giant Lord

Flying, Haste.
Whenever ~ deals damage to a player, put any number of snow permanents from you hand onto the battlefield.


 Of all the kings of Neige, Weihnack is the swiftest, descending with his armies from his great cloud fortress to tear at the flesh of mortal men.
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Morgothra has the Syntax and Grammar of a God.
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I love this card.
56771968 wrote:
I can't compete with this.
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@Morgothra: Beautifully said, sir. Beautifully said.
Contest Winners
CKY, magicpablo666 and Dinobeer combined ingenuity and silliness to win a Summer fUn contest each! vlord beat the rest to become the architect of a better tomorrow in Build it and they will come! CityofAs pranced masterfully to victory in Skipping Merrily! ConfusedAsUsual conquered both tropes and opponents to ascend in Metafiction! FirstTurnKill condensed Success into Art form in Summing it Up!
Will give this another fiveish hours before I close round 1 and start grading. 
"Quest for the ideal."
Naevos is a large expansive region, with mainly flat land for farming with huge citadels dotted around. The populace is mainly human, as other races are shunned by the totalitarian facist reigning power; 'the Iron Empire'. They wish to unify the surrounding regions and convert all people to the image of their master, the planeswalker Corpus, as what they consider the ideal existence. They are a mainly white aligned group with a strong "2/2 Human creature" and a "Turn target permanent face-down. (Face-down cards are 2/2 creatures.)" theme to represent their desire for comfortimity.

Citizen Darkmoon

Creature - Human Citizen (M)

First strike
At the beginning of your upkeep, put two 2/2 white human citizen creature tokens with first strike onto the battlefield and turn two target permanents face-down. (Face-down cards are 2/2 creatures.)

"The things that live in the Wild. They disgust me. They know not of perfection, so I will show them..."

Round 1 is officially closed.
All right. Grades are out of 100.
Criteria: Did you meet the criteria. Worth 20 points, you receive half if you fulfill some of the criteria correctly.
Flavor: If your design matches your setting. This is a flavor based contest so its very important. Worth 30 points.
Balance: Does your design give me a nosebleed? Worth 30 points.
Coherency: Not only is your design the appropriate flavor, does it match your other cards mechanically. Worth 20 points.
Bonus judge bonus: Does this interest me. Worth up to 5 points, cannot raise your score above 100.

Total: 92
Criteria: 20; You have a five sentence description and a legendary.
Flavor: 25; He's cruel, malicious, twisted. Not really sure how his first ability has to do with time travel, but his second ability is super flavorful. Also "human horror" is a perfect combo! Also digging the flavor test.
Balance: 25; Ability two is spot on. His first ability is a touch powerful in my opinion. Also as a 4/4 for five its potent, though quite color intensive. I don't see it at less than rare though...
Coherency: 20; Everyone gets a free 20 here its only round 1.
Bonus: 2

Total: 67
Criteria: 7; Well there are five sentences in your paragraph, but no legendary
Flavor: 15; I think your flavor is bizzarity (not a word yes) which your card hits.
Balance: 20; A two drop 4/4 that you lose at end of turn and doesn't have haste? But potentially balanced by the fact that all your everything is now a 4/4 that also goes bye bye. I think its fair.
Coherency: 20; Everyone gets a free 20 here its only round 1.
Bonus: 5

Total: 86
Criteria: 20; Dead on
Flavor: 25; Does Neige hate giants or are they part of it? Otherwise seems legit, though its hard to gauge snow's flavor.
Balance:20; With the evasion, his secondary ability feels... really powerful. Also, if this realm has only snow, then all lands will be snow, so this ability will shatter the mana curve.
Coherency: 20; Everyone gets a free 20 here it only round 1.
Bonus: 1

Total: 79
Criteria: 10; Correct description, not a legendary, though it feels very legendary.
Flavor: 25; Pretty spot on with your totaltarian ideal. Flipping is traditionally blue, but it makes sense in your setting. From a flavor stand-point having him morph lands, enchantments, and artifacts is sorta odd. For flavor at least it should state at least nonland. Also how is he doing this to his enemies? Does he conquer them? Tokens are appropriate though "rally the troops and all."
Balance: 20 ; Pretty powerful. Its a fragile body at 6, but four power worth of first strike every turn makes up for that. Also automatically dealing with two opponents threats is potent. And unless its in a set full of morph, there is larely nothing they can do about it. Quite strong a two of each.... maybe if it was one token, one flip?
Coherency: 20; Everyone gets a free 20 here its only round 1.
Bonus: 4

Total: 80
Criteria: 10; Too much description and two legendaries. Spot on entries (it seems to be two complete entries in one)
Flavor: 20 ; Elchis fits the nurturer elf lifegiver role fairly well. The caveat on using his mana on elves doesn't quite match with him aiding both the elves and the merfolk. Menoil seems appropriate for an awesome merfolk captain. The evolve sorta feels tacked on though. Seems like she would groe stronger through combat.
Balance: 28 ; Elchis is just fine. His cost reduction is just fine and a 3/3 at is just fine. Menoil is an extremely powerful lord. Perhaps dropping the counter? That being said it is a four drop legendary.... so its only mildly questionable.
Coherency: 20; Everyone gets a free 20 here its only round 1.
Bonus: 2

So Round 1 leaves us with:
1. IceMetalPunk: 92
2. Morgothra: 86
3. Cyranium: 80
4. vlord: 79
5. magicpablo666: 67

Round 2:
Now that we have a feel of your realm, lets see some of your realm.
- one rare land
- one uncommon land

Please let your lands speak for themselves. Use extra flavor text if need be, but please no written descriptions.
Will probably give another 48 hours or until everyone has posted. 
Woo! Awesome! Time to see Gwinal! :D

Gwinal Hellgate
Land (U)
Gwinal Hellgate enters the battlefield tapped.
: Add or to your mana pool.
, : Put a charge counter on Gwinal Hellgate.
, , remove X charge counters from Gwinal Hellgate: Untap X target lands you control.
Enter here if you dare. We have much to teach you before you perish.

Gwinal Timetwister
Land (R)
Gwinal Timetwister enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a nonbasic land.
: Add to your mana pool.
, : Search your library and/or graveyard for up to X basic lands and put them onto the battlefield.
The source of all time travel, the most powerful device in all of Gwinal...none can tame its storm.


All cards I make have artists credited in the appropriate places. Artist names in "quotes" are DeviantArt usernames unless otherwise mentioned.

"I play a Grave Betrayal. I get all your dead things now, mwahahahaha!"
"Okay. I play a Phage the Untouchable. Piss me off and I will sac it."
"... ... ... so guys, remind me again how to sac my own enchantments?"'s this contest coming?

All cards I make have artists credited in the appropriate places. Artist names in "quotes" are DeviantArt usernames unless otherwise mentioned.

"I play a Grave Betrayal. I get all your dead things now, mwahahahaha!"
"Okay. I play a Phage the Untouchable. Piss me off and I will sac it."
"... ... ... so guys, remind me again how to sac my own enchantments?"

Sorry about kinda dropping this... We sorta lost half of our entreants...
But you know what. I'm going to grade these, hopefully will post by morning. 
Guess I'll join late.

Round 1

Q'ar is a region of extreme chaotic weater conditions and ruled by the elemental habitants. Death is a constant here, and humans are rare and barbaric. The apes of Q'ar are among the most intelligent species that have developed townships that often fall to ruin due to the violent living conditions. The above ground weather is so extreme that underground cities filled with strange octopus people is rumored. The skys of Q'ar are a bit more favorable for living than the ground conditions, which has lead to giant flying jellyfish in the sky that seem to have developed a high degree of magical power and intelligence.

Dr. Zaro Mort 
Legendary Creature - Ape Cleric
Whenever ~ enters the battlefield you gain 3 life. Whenever ~ leaves the battlefield, destroy target artifact, enchantment or land.
"A talking human? How ridiculous. Bring this specimen to me." 

Round 2  

Tarzod the Slumbering [R]
~ enters the battlefield tapped unless you discard a card from your hand.
: Add or to your mana pool.
: ~ becomes a 7/5 red and green elemental creature with trample and first strike until end of turn. It's still a land.
"It's best just to not go there." - Dr. Zaro

Wind Storm Valley
: Add  to your mana pool. 
, ~ deals 1 damage to each player.  
"Don't go there either." - Dr. Zaro     
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