New group forming in southern MSP metro

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No experience required, new players are welcome to the table. This would be a weekly group. We'd probably be playing in Burnsville, Apple Valley, Rosemount or one of the immediately surrounding cities.

There is currently no set day of the week for the group, so if you're interested let me know your name, what days of the week you'd be available to play and let me know if you're new to DnD or rpgs.

If you're curious email me at or messege me here on wizards -- I'll have more questions for possible groupmates and you can feel free to ask me questions as well.
As a quick note I'll also be DMing at Legion Games for DND Encounters, so feel free to show up on a wednesday, you can check Wizard's site or Legion Games' site for when that is all schedueled.
The group is going to start playing now, but we're still open to another member or two.
We've been playing Tuesdays at 5:30 pm until 7:30 or 8:00

Due to a couple players dropping for life issues, the group I'd open to new players.
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