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I have been playing Magic for about 10 years off and on, but this is my first real attempt at a competetive Standard deck. I looked at several posts and decklists on this and other forums, but many mentioned cards that have rotated out of the format. Looking for general advice and suggesytions to maybe make it better. Thanks

Its a pretty simple concept, make dudes evasive, turn sideways, get big...profit. 

Figured out how to make the cards link
isn't the hottest of decks, but it can win games. I played one several times in Friday-Night Magic and I did about as well as I have done with other decks considered Tier One or Tier Two.

I found it was better to shift the lands toward to ensure that I was able to cast Silverblade on turn three and Sublime on turn two. This mean dumping the one-drops - which aren't great any way - and giving up on Vampire Nighthawk.

Lingering Souls is a card that will do a great deal for you. It will provide chump blockers so your Exalted guys stay safe and it can provide extra bodies for Sublime to exalt. With the flashback, it gives you a bunch of bodies.

With the tokens, I found that Tragic Slip was a breeze to use.

I don't see any use for Disciple of Bolas in this deck.

Spirit Mantle is not Standard-legal.

Rest in Peace is a side-board staple and while it wqould screw your Souls if you add them it will screw Reanimator and other graveyard-centric decks harder.
That's reasonable, but I would probably run fewer non-creature spells and another one-drop. I'd run at least three Souls; that's what you want to cast if Silverblade or Sublime doesn't show up on time.
This was my attempt:


I may still flesh it out and have a go with it some night. That particular Friday I went with Selesnya aggro instead, and did well.

I'm personally not sold on Lingering Souls, because they only really work with Sublime Archangel. I do, however, like your use of Disciple of Bolas.

If you need another 1-mana drop, Tormented Soul is your friend.
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