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I was thinking about maybe building a U/W control deck to use when I don't play my prefered deck (G/W aggro). I have made a rough draft for the deck but I could really use your input on what cards to put in it.

And selection piece by piece...
8x Island
9x Plains
4x Glacial Fortress
4x Hallowed Fountain

25 lands, because I don't want to miss land drops and some of the finishers/wincons have a rather high casting cost.

2x Syncopate
3x Dissipate
4x Think Twice
4x Supreme Verdict
1x Terminus
4x Cyclonic Rift
4x Martial Law
4x Oblivion Ring

These are the cards that I consider the back bone of the deck and would really like to play with. Basic idea is to delay the opponent of establishing too much of a board presence with counters and Cyclonic rifts. Then use sweepers to clear the board, Martial Laws makes it harder for opponent to get back after sweepers. Oblivion Rings are there to fill in the blanks, these could also be Detention Sphere, but I don't want to get those at the moment.
Think Twices are the to serve as a card drawing engine.
I don't want to go too heavy into counters as Cavern of Souls is rather common in my meta. But maybe I should add one more or so?

1x Feeling of Dread
3x Inaction Injunction

These are some cards I am less sure about. I feel like I need more card drawing which Inaction Injunction does while also stoping opposing creatures from attacking. Feeling of Dread might be useful I think but maybe I should switch it for another counterspell? Azorius charm might be useful?

3x Lone Revenant
2x Archon of the Triumvirate

And lastly for the wincons/finishers of the deck. This is the part which I think is the hardest to figure out as I can't seem to find any really good cards for this, so I could really need some input on this?
Some of my thoughts are that Lone Revenant has hexproof which I think is valuable also his ability will make me draw more cards. Big downside is no evasion.
The Archon on the other hand has evasion in the form of flying, but it isn't hexproof. On the other hand it has thoughness high enough to not get killed by most burn spells and power low enough not to get killed by Selesnya charm. Big downside is really high casting cost.
What would other, better wincons be for this deck?

Other cards I have given som thought include:

Divine Deflection
Sphinx of Uthuun
Angel of Serenity
Azorius Keyrune
Jace, Memory Adept
Invisible Stalker
Runechanter's Pike

Any help is very welcome!
Snapcaster Mage fits perfectly in the deck. Buying back spells is very nice. I also like Azorius Charm better than Cyclonic rift. It is just all around useful in my opinion.

Not a fan of Inaction Injunction. 
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You have the right idea for a control deck, and yours is definitly ok. However (and please don't take this the wrong way), it has vast potential for improvement, mostly due to bad (or at least not optimal) card choices.

Try to work some planeswalkers into the deck, budget permitting. Both the standard legal jaces and tamiyo are good cards, but have strengths against different decks (J,MA is a control finisher, J,AoT helps stabalise against aggro/tokens and gives CA, tamiyo helps with lockdown and is a massive target since her ulti makes it almost impossible for you to lose if you can survive to the next draw step.) They are huge threats due to the potential tempo and CA you can rack up with them, and harder to remove then many other perminants. Combined with Think Twice, your spells that are effective 2 for 1s most of the time, and possibly a few big draw spells like Sphinx's Revelation, should take care of all your card draw needs.

In a control deck, your finishers should either be resilient, easily replaced, or have instant impact on the game state.  Lone Revenant falls into the resilient catagory with its hexproof, so is a decent choice (although it can't break through any sort of board stat stall due to lack of evasion), but the archon unfortunetly falls into neither catagory. Looking at your shortlist of other considered cards, we come across Sphinx of Uthuun (instant board impact, evasion, out of range of almost all burn) and Angel of Serenity (instant board impact, out of burn range, evasive, and has recursion potential in multiples), both of which make great replacements. Another alternitive to consider would be Entrete the Angels (evasive, resilient due to multiple bodies). If you opted for a more token based focus or lots of utility creatures like Snapcaster (really needs black for lingering souls and sorin however), then Runechanter's Pike would fit right in, makeing all your chump blockers and incidental creatures into potential finishers (especialy since artifact removal is not that commonly mainboarded, or even sideboarded atm). Azorius Keyrune is a hybrid between mana fix/ramp and finisher, so also should be considered, especialy if you can fit in some X spells to use up the excess mana late game (Sphinx's Revelation mainly, but its very expensive currently).

Your board control looks solid. Would drop the Inaction Injunctions and up the number of Feeling of Dread if you want some anti aggro cards (FoD gives you 4 creatures on one turn or two on one turn and then two later in the game, while II is one and a card, not quite as good), as well as considering Azorius Charm instead of Cyclonic Rift for the same reason (the extra tempo of AZC is better then the late game blowout that CR provides, as well as the other options on AZ being very usefull, if situational).  Martial Law, while decent out of context, actualy is kind of bad in reality since it has no impact on the board when you lay it down, even more important due to it being 4CMC, which is when aggro starts to get into kill range on good hands, control decks are looking to drop planeswalkers and things like Thragtusk, and midrange is just doing its thing and churning out more value cards then you can deal with. Its great if your ahead, and as a drop after a sweeper, but your already ahead at that point. You want cards that help you to equalise the game so that your superior late game card advantage can take over. I would up the number of Terminus you have to compensate for its removal. O-ring is a great catch all card, so keep it in. If your going to run D-spheres, then don't sub out all your O-rings for them, since your tradeing the ability to hit other D-spheres for potentialy removeing multiple targets, a meta dependent call that you have to playtest. Your counter suite is solid, don't change a thing here. If Cavern does become a problem and control is not big where you are, don't be afraid to drop them for other cards that may be less efficient but have a greater chance of being useable at any given moment, but you need some counter magic against control decks to take care of planeswalkers and other cards that you just can't wait a turn to deal with.

You do have other options you can take, but there should be enought there to get you started.
Your deck list is lacking in a bit of consistancy (are you cancelling/bouncing or playing by tempo). Cards like inaction injunction do not function that well in constructed simply because the card itself does not have versatility. Like suggested, better replacement options would be cards like azorius charm

IMO: if you're playing by win-con, I would rather run angelic overseer and invisible stalker

food for thought. I could say more--but that's enough. Just look to build consistancy in the approach you're attempting to "control" the board state.

lastly also with the release of gatecrash; you're going to be able to pair cards like hands of binding + inquisitor's flail onto your stalker and with ciphering...well there's a lot of potential there down the road.
A big thank you for your awesome replies! Now I have some thinking to do, I'll post again after that. And again, thanks!