Looking for critique/advice on a lvl12 swordmage|warlock/umbral cabalist

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Some context: Warforged and aegis of assault are non-neotioable, i'm looking to optimize within those parameters. Dragonmarks are not available, but we do get inherent bonuses. As you can see I'm attempting to optimize some damage through lightning, but I settled on that largely because it allowed me to use the Lancing Dagger. (DM frowns on frostcheese as the game is not really geared towards hard op).

I'm not too attached to gladiator as a theme or umbral cabalist as a PP, they just seemed to add some useful features for a striker/defender.

The major point I am torn on is the arrangement of my pacts, and the value of having Infernal's Boon + Hellish Rebuke or Vestige's Boon and Eyes of the Vestige. (If I went the vestige route, I'd get psychic lock into my feats and probably change my D9 into Vestige of Ilmeth

Any help you could offer would be much appreciated.


====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Legato Hybrid, level 12
Warforged, Warlock/Swordmage, Umbral Cabalist
Eldritch Pact (Hybrid) Option: Vestige Pact (Hybrid)
Hybrid Warlock Option: Hybrid Warlock Will
Swordmage Aegis (Hybrid) Option: Aegis of Assault
Eldritch Strike Option: Eldritch Strike Constitution
Hybrid Talent Option: Swordmage Warding
Twofold Pact Option: Infernal Pact
Proficiency: Implement Proficiency (Orb)
Inherent Bonuses
Arcane Student Who Saw Too Much (Arcane Student Who Saw Too Much Benefit)
Theme: Gladiator

STR 12, CON 21, DEX 11, INT 21, WIS 14, CHA 9

STR 11, CON 16, DEX 10, INT 16, WIS 13, CHA 8

AC: 28 Fort: 25 Ref: 25 Will: 25
HP: 89 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 22

Arcana +16, Endurance +18, Insight +13

Acrobatics +6, Athletics +7, Bluff +6, Diplomacy +5, Dungeoneering +8, Heal +8, History +11, Intimidate +8, Nature +8, Perception +8, Religion +11, Stealth +6, Streetwise +5, Thievery +6

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Gladiator Feature: Disrupting Advance
Warforged Racial Power: Warforged Resolve
Warlock's Curse Power: Warlock's Curse
Swordmage Feature: Aegis of Assault
Swordmage Attack 1: Booming Blade
Warlock Attack 1: Eldritch Strike
Warlock Attack 1: Chains of Levistus
Warlock Attack 1: Armor of Agathys
Warlock Attack 1: Hellish Rebuke
Warlock Pact Boon 1: Dark One's Blessing
Swordmage Utility 2: Host of Shields
Swordmage Attack 3: Dimensional Vortex
Swordmage Attack 5: Swordmage Shielding Fire
Warlock Utility 6: Chaos Armor
Swordmage Attack 7: Thunderclap Strike
Gladiator Attack 9: Bloody Blades
Warlock Utility 10: Ethereal Sidestep
Umbral Cabalist Attack 11: Command of the Abyss
Umbral Cabalist Utility 12: Clarifying Rebuke

Level 1: White Lotus Dueling Expertise
Level 2: Hybrid Talent
Level 4: Superior Implement Training (Lancing dagger)
Level 6: White Lotus Riposte
Level 11: Twofold Pact
Level 11: Lightning Soul
Level 12: Twofold Curse
Level 12: Improved Defenses

Leather Armor of Dark Majesty +1 x1
Staggering Longsword +3
Orb of Nimble Thoughts +2
Iron Armbands of Power (heroic tier)
Lightning Lancing dagger +2 x1
====== End ======

The pact thing is an interesting one. What does Vestige Pact give you if you don't have Eyes of the Vestige that's better than the other way around?  Sorcerer King Pact would open up Mindbite Scorn, for example. Are you the only defender? What is the leader/rest of party? Are the temps from the pact boon going to be necessary, or just nice to have?

Malec-Keth Jannisary would give you automatic elemental choice damage at 16 added to your attacks.
Since i'm going hybrid, I've only got access to two warlock at wills, one of which is going to be Eldritch Strike.

When it comes down to picking between Infernal and Vestige, The THP from Infernal's boon is largely better than anything I'm going to get out of Vestige. However, Eyes of the Vestige will allow me to Curse as a standard action (while ignoring the targeting restrictions of the Curse minor action class feature). In addition, thanks to psychic lock, I'll be able to slap a -2 to attacks on my target. With Vestige of Ilmeth going, for one encounter a day, that will increase to -4 to all attacks. (and through the use of the Vestige Adept or Vestige Mastery Feats, I could have that augment available all of the time)

If you threw Sorcer King into the mix, I don't think Hand of Blight can really compete with Eyes of the Vestige or Hellish Rebuke, so it'd have to go into the hybrid pact slot. 

Right now hybrid pact Vestige is getting me access to the Umbral Cabalist PP, but that's about it. So If I did take Infernal as my twofold pact, I could swap out Vestige for Sorcer King and grab a new PP. The trickier part would be squeezing Mindbite Scorn (and at that point, Killing Curse) into the build. 

As for party make up, for regular attendees we have a lazylord, Bard/Euphonic Bow, and a brutal scoundrel rogue. We've got a rotating cast (depending on who can make game night) of two wizards, a sorcerer, and a paladin (never all four).

The build is feat-starved. Protective Hex is great for a defender-bent style also. Personally I like Sorcerer King for Hybrid/Infernal for Twofold as the temps are generally very nice but with two leaders and your surge number I'm not sure you need them. I like the Infernal riders too, but you could just go Sorcerer King/Vestige also.

The Brutal Scoundrel Rogue is a nice MBA Target but with Mindbite Scorn and Eldritch Strike you're a pretty tempting target also. The Euphonic Bow is assuming built towards Interrupts, correct? If that's the case he'll still be using Jinx Shot quite a bit and Protective Hex gets another feather in its cap.

With a Wizard or two, depending on how often not only one but both show up, you probably don't have to worry a lot about boosting control. You want to be a front line beater and again, Mindbite Scorn will help deter a cursed beastie from ignoring your mark. 
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