im having lots of trouble trying to figure our what i have to add on to my stats when i level up

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i am currently using a level 1 wizard (as my first character) and im trying to see what i get when i level up. i am learning to play by myself and my dm doesnt know a whole lot too.

is there a specific guideline you follow? or is it just based on what you origionally rolled up?

and im having lots of trouble finding out how many spells i add to my spell book when i level up. just learning so much information by myself is abit frustrating so yeah! can SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME !
Get a DDI account.

Use their character builder.


If you would like an answer that doesn't involve you getting a tool that is more useful than any book in the game (cause it makes having books in general obsolete), then this:

A wizard (arcanist) gets 1 Daily and 1 Utility extra in their spellbook (for a total of 2 dailes at level 1, and 2 utilities at level 2) per slot.  So at level 1 you should have 2 at-wills, 4 cantrips, 1 encounter power and 1 daily (with 2 daily options to pick from at the start of the day).  A total of 8 spells.

Now, a couple of things.  Please don't yell out in all caps, we will address whatever issues we can when we can.  Also, this is a general 4e rules question, not something for char-op.  And lastly if you are all new to the system, don't play a controller (which a wizard is).  Try playing something a little simpler to grasp first, then work up to things that might take a small amount of finesse to play well. 
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ok thanks for the tip! and yeah sorry for the yelling :/ aha just a bit annoying and i kind of knew that this would be the wrong section after i posted it
No worries. In the future, the Rules Q&A forum is more appropriate for this kind of question. Lots of helpful people hanging out waiting to help there. Hope you enjoy the game!
You really should read the Player's Handbook. You can skip the other classes and races if you like, but there's a lot of basic stuff in there that you'll need to know.
yeah i know im should read the WHOLE players handbook but its kinda hard when you have dyslexia :/ aha