Pre-Release Product Limitations

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I write from Lima, Perú, in South America. My store, SmartGames has been in the business for two years, but has only recently started with Magic: The Gathering. Last year we held the Return to Ravnica Pre-Release with an attendance of over 60 people. Tiny for international standards, I know, but it was the largest this country has had in years. Since then we´ve been growing into an Advanced store, supporting the game in different stores across out city and other around the country.

Back then we were Core level and got assigned 3 pre-release kits, which sold out almost immediately.

Now, several months after, with several more reported events, tournaments 3 times a week, and Advanced level... we are only being allowed to buy 2. Does anyone know why? Why an increase in performance, sales and WPN level results in LESS product? Its not even as if it were free, we want to pay for it, but our local distributor says we cant. The amount of product offered is far too small for the needs of our players.

On top of that, even though we subscribed to the Buy-A-Box promotion on time, we are only being allowed to buy 5 booster boxes for Gatecrash, and being sent only 10 promo cards. We have a Sealed Grand Prix Trial scheduled to be run with Gatecrash product, it is simple impossible for us to do it with the allowed amount; how can such things happen? We thought mantaining these events was important, we now are almost being forced to cancel it. Who can we contact, besides our local distributor? Is there any higher instance at wich to appeal? Any info will be apreciated.