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I have two or more [C]Search the City[/C] on the battlefield. I play a card. Do I get same card (if there is) from each City or just from one?
If you cast, say, an Inspiration, and both Search the Citys have exiled an Inspiration, then both Cities will trigger, and you'll be able to snag an Inspiration from each if you so choose.
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Each Search the City will only look at the cards exiled by that object. (This is defined in the rules for Linked Abilities.)

If each StC previously exiled one Island and you play an Island, each StC's ability will trigger. Two Islands will be put into your hand.

If the first StC exiled two Islands, the second StC didn't exile any, and you play and Island, only the first StC's ability will trigger. Only one Island will be put into your hand.

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