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Hello all!

Been a long while since I posted anything here, but a question came up, so posting I shall come!

We were playing a game of 2 headed-dragon, and my opponents were running mono-green and a black exalted deck. 

If player A (Green) attacks with a [C]Grizzly Bears[/C] and player B (exalted) attacks with a [C]Knight of Infamy[/C] does Exalted trigger for the knight?

If creatures you don't control attack during the same combat step, are your creatures considered "attacking alone" for Exalted reasons?

(I know that player B's Exalted won't boost Player A's creatures)

Thanks for your replys
it does not, since he did not attack alone
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You can always count on Enigma for a quick reply

702.81b A creature “attacks alone” if it’s the only creature declared as an attacker in a given combat phase. See rule 506.5.

Doesn't matter who controls them.
Furthermore, from the Shards of Alara FAQ:
* In a Two-Headed Giant game, a creature "attacks alone" if it's the only creature declared as an attacker by your entire team. If you control that attacking creature, your exalted abilities will trigger but your teammate's exalted abilities won't.

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