Regional Temples of Athas- Help?

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For the campaign I'm writing, the party is going to be going from big dungeon to big dungeon as the primary quest arcs. (Of course there's other things, but that's not what this post is about) and I'm trying to come up with a list of all the different types of "regions" or biomes or whatever for the temples to be based on. I currently have

  • Salt Flats

  • Sandy Desert

  • Volcano

  • Forest Ridge

  • Sea of Silt

  • the Last Sea

  • Obsidian

Any more ideas?
Hidden fey temples within the wind seem like a big game location for such a plotline.

Happy Gaming
Sunwarped Flats
The Gray aka The shadowfell
My Dark Sun Campaign "Shards of a Broken Crown"
Ruins below Tyr

The Dead Lands (IIRC)
Not quite sure what you're going for here, how exactly are you trying to divide things? 

Inner Elemental Planes
Lands Within the Wind*
Astral Sea*

Crimson Savannah
Jagged Cliffs
Last Sea
Scorched Plateau
Forest Ridge
Ringing Mountains 
Tyr Region
Sea of Silt
Valley of Dust and Fire
Southern Wastes
Dead Lands 

Material Plane Bio-Regions:
Sand Desert
Scrub Plains
Rocky Wastes
Obsidian Plain
Salt Flats
Area near Pristine Tower (Sunwarped)
Silt (Shallows/Depths)

That's all that come to mind, but again, depends on what you're asking for. There could be more. There are definitely more in the other planes.
*Destroys surrounding landscape to use arcane energy to revive thread*

I recently had a lot of success using a campaign arc set in the Salt Marsh / Salt Meres. A throw-away NPC turned into an on-going side quest about building a new city there, so the players keep returning. To emphasise the saltiness, I had it that whenever the PCs were not at full HP they would take 2 damage at the start of their turn (or lose a healing surge or two while travelling) because all the salt getting on their scratches.
Misty Border
Great Salt Flat and Great Ivory Plain
The Hinterlands
The Crimson Savanna
(and maybe the catacombs and sewers under Tyr)
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